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27 Celebs' Real Names

Does Vincent Damon Furnier sound like a rocker's name?

(Newser) - Alice Cooper wasn't actually born with his female-sounding name; his parents dubbed him Vincent Damon Furnier. Radar lists the real names of 26 more stars:
  • Chuck Norris: Carlos Ray
  • Sting: Gordon Sumner
  • Kirk Douglas: Issur Danielovitch
  • Jodie Foster: Alicia Christian Foster
  • Hulk Hogan: Terry Jean Bollette
  • George Michael: Georgios
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George Michael: Christian Group Prayed for My Death

Singer slams 'pathetic' religious radicals

(Newser) - Looks like another group is trying to muscle in on the Westboro Baptist Church's turf. George Michael says that during his recent life-threatening bout with pneumonia , a group calling itself Christians for a Moral America prayed for his death, the New York Daily News reports. The group claimed that... More »

I Was 'Touch and Go' With Pneumonia: George Michael

Singer says he had tracheotomy in Austria hospital

(Newser) - Pop icon George Michael opened up about his month-long bout of pneumonia and revealed it was nearly fatal, the Sun reports. "Well, I would say it was touch and go for a couple of weeks," the singer said outside his London mansion Friday, breaking into tears. "We... More »

The Georges End 'Gay Feud'

Boy George, George Michael finally speaking again

(Newser) - Finally: Gay pop stars and ‘80s icons George Michael and Boy George are pals again. Or, as the Sun so charmingly puts it, “Georges end 20-year gay feud.” The two have been on the outs since Boy George blasted George Michael for pretending to be straight…and... More »

World's Priciest Wedding Singers

(Newser) - For the demanding bride-to-be who thinks a DJ just doesn't cut it, top-notch live entertainment can be had—for a few million dollars. The New Zealand Herald runs down the best paid wedding singers:
  1. Rolling Stones: These aging rockers garner upwards of $8 million for a private audience, but will
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George Michael Busted After Car Crash

He's detained on suspicion of DUI, but not charged

(Newser) - George Michael was arrested on suspicion of driving drunk or drugged after his Range Rover slammed into the back of a truck on a British highway last night, the Sun reports. Police, however, released him 6 hours later without charge. The singer, who just got his license back in June... More »

George Michael Charged in Drug Bust

Singer gets 'caution' from British police

(Newser) - George Michael was arrested in a London public restroom on drug possession charges Friday and let off with a caution, the BBC reports. The singer, 45, is accused of having crack cocaine, among other drugs. Though possession can mean up to 7 years in prison, UK law allows for “... More »

Illinois Man Calls Home a Church, Saves $80K in Taxes

Locals suspicious of religious conversion

(Newser) - An Illinois man has declared his home a church, knocking $80K off his property taxes in the bargain, the Chicago Tribune reports. George Michael says he got an online pastor's degree and transformed his $3 million lakefront estate into a house of worship so his disabled wife and daughter could... More »

Concert Sales Slump as Gas Prices Climb

Pump prices on top of tickets breaking the bank

(Newser) - Soaring gas prices are turning down the volume on ticket sales for this year’s summer tours, Rolling Stone reports. Major festivals like Bonnaroo and Coachella didn’t sell out—a rare occurrence—while top acts like George Michael, Maroon 5, and Stevie Wonder are facing difficulty finding fans. That... More »

Fans Pray It's No Careless Whisper

George Michael announces first US tour in 17 years

(Newser) - UK pop icon George Michael will embark on his first US tour in 17 years this summer, NME reports. Scheduled to coincide with his upcoming "Twenty Five" album, the 20-show trip will kick off in California in June and include visits to Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Madison Square Garden... More »

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