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Study: Older Mothers Raise More Emotionally Secure Kids

Their kids have fewer emotional and behavioral problems

(Newser) - Doctors have long warned women about the physical risks of having children later in life, but a team of scientists out of Denmark is reporting in the European Journal of Developmental Psychology that there are also benefits to rearing children later in life, and these benefits tend to be emotional.... More »

No Kids for Me, Thanks; There, I Said It

Meghan Daum explains her choice

(Newser) - The decision not to have kids seems to be entering the national conversation more and more, the Time cover on a "Childfree Life" being only the latest example. At the Los Angeles Times , Meghan Daum enters the fray: "Though I've offered hints in this column and elsewhere... More »

New Rite: Baby Blogging

Many of Totspot's 15,000 users still in diapers

(Newser) - Soon after entering the world, babies are forging online identities compliments of eager parents, the New York Times reports. "It does feel a little funny to personalize it in his voice," says a blogging mommy who “friends” other babies on behalf of her son. For many parents,... More »

Cost of Bringing Up Baby: $204K

And that doesn't include college

(Newser) - Raising that little bundle of joy will come with a not-so-cute $204,060 price tag for middle-income families, according to a new government study. Factoring in inflation, the parents of a child born in 2007 can expect to spend $269,040 by the time that baby turns 18. Actual costs... More »

4 Stories