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No Kids for Me, Thanks; There, I Said It

Meghan Daum explains her choice

(Newser) - The decision not to have kids seems to be entering the national conversation more and more, the Time cover on a "Childfree Life" being only the latest example. At the Los Angeles Times , Meghan Daum enters the fray: "Though I've offered hints in this column and elsewhere... More »

New Rite: Baby Blogging

Many of Totspot's 15,000 users still in diapers

(Newser) - Soon after entering the world, babies are forging online identities compliments of eager parents, the New York Times reports. "It does feel a little funny to personalize it in his voice," says a blogging mommy who “friends” other babies on behalf of her son. For many parents,... More »

Cost of Bringing Up Baby: $204K

And that doesn't include college

(Newser) - Raising that little bundle of joy will come with a not-so-cute $204,060 price tag for middle-income families, according to a new government study. Factoring in inflation, the parents of a child born in 2007 can expect to spend $269,040 by the time that baby turns 18. Actual costs... More »

3 Stories