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'Bride-Napping': A Wedding Craze With an Edge

Romanians love new custom of stealing her from the groom

(Newser) - Bride-napping sounds like a serious crime—except that Romanians like doing it every week as a means of spicing up ordinary weddings, the AP reports. Typically the wedding party will be in full swing when friends of the bride abduct her, take her to a popular tourist spot, and demand... More »

Body Part Found in Flier's Luggage

Chinese passenger busted at Bucharest airport

(Newser) - A Chinese airline passenger en route to Italy was busted in Bucharest after a body part was found in his luggage, apparently tucked away amid the underwear and shirts. A portion of a "human lower limb" was discovered during a security check, reports the Telegraph . "The fragment of... More »

CIA Kept Secret Prison in Bucharest Neighborhood

AP investigation uncovers details of black site in Romania

(Newser) - The CIA's secret "black site" prison in Romania wasn't in some remote region of the country, but smack dab in the middle of a busy residential neighborhood near the center of Bucharest, the AP has discovered in a joint investigation with German public television. Sources say the... More »

Ex-Romanian Dictator, Wife Exhumed

Romanians suspect Ceausescus not really buried where thought

(Newser) - Taking the country by surprise, forensic scientists today exhumed what are believed to be the bodies of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife to solve the mystery of where they are truly buried. Ceausescu ruled Romania for 25 years before being ousted and executed during the bloody 1989 anti-communist... More »

Moscow Warns NATO Not to 'Play With Fire'

But US backs bids by Georgia and Ukraine to join alliance

(Newser) - Moscow urged NATO today not to absorb ex-Soviet republics Georgia and Ukraine, Reuters reports. "It's a dangerous game to play with fire," said Foreign Minster Sergei Lavrov, who warned that Russia's military ties with NATO were at stake. His remarks come days before a NATO summit in Bucharest,... More »

Medvedev Warns Against NATO Plans

Russia unhappy about bid to accept former Soviet states

(Newser) - Dmitry Medvedev has warned former Soviet states not to join NATO, claiming that their membership would threaten the stability of the region. Georgia and Ukraine are angling to join the military alliance and have received strong support from the US. But in an interview with the Financial Times, Russia's incoming... More »

6 Stories