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Site Goes Down After Running Mugshots of Anonymous

Talking Points Memo fending off DDOS attack

(Newser) - What an odd coincidence: After Talking Points Memo ran mugshots of 14 alleged members of Anonymous who face hacking charges, the site went down for about eight hours yesterday, the victim of a denial-of-service attack. It's back up now, but editor Josh Marshall writes that the attack is still... More »

GOP Reps. Pin Fort Hood on Obama

Hoekstra hints at administration missteps, wants probe

(Newser) - Hinting that Obama administration’s restrictions on how the government fights terrorism led to the Fort Hood shooting, two Republican Congressman today called for an immediate probe of the incident. Congress has been asked to wait until a military investigation is complete, but, Pete Hoekstra says , “It has to... More »

Insurer Urges Employees to Protest Health Care Reform

UnitedHealth Group lays down AstroTurf

(Newser) - UnitedHealth Group, the nation’s second-biggest health insurance firm, has been encouraging employees to attend events protesting health-care reform, Talking Points Memo reports. In a clear-cut example of “Astroturf”—fake grassroots action—a memo to employees urges them to call an “advocacy specialist” who can provide talking... More »

Marshall: Back Off Plagiarism Charges

Dowd's mistake unintentional, says author of original line

(Newser) - Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo isn't joining the chorus of critics against Maureen Dowd, who admitted she inadvertently lifted one of Marshall's lines in her weekend column. "I generally think we're too quick to pull the trigger with charges of plagiarism," writes Marshall. "Whatever the mechanics... More »

Dowd Sorry for 'Plagiarizing' Liberal Blog

Says Josh Marshall passage came unattributed from a pal

(Newser) - Fans of Talking Points Memo did a doubletake when they got to a passage in Maureen Dowd's column yesterday on the timing of Bush use of torture; Josh Marshall had written the same thing—short of three words—three days back. Dowd has corrected her column online, and the New ... More »

Left Breaks News; Right Can't Fix It

Liberals add reporting to arsenal; pro-GOP sites mainly comment

(Newser) - The left is using the Internet far more effectively than the right, Jonathan Martin writes on Politico. While conservative political sites are principally opinion, lefty destinations like the Huffington Post and Talking Points Memo tread the line between reportage and commentary, breaking stories ignored by the mainstream media that advance... More »

Journalists Crave That Touch of Link

Spotlighting individual stories transforms competition for readers

(Newser) - "If it bleeds, it leads" is a journalistic truism, but in the age of new media, the traffic-driving link is the gold standard. With aggregators and bloggers cherry-picking lively content, "since the hits are often coming for specific stories, and not the entire site, a blockbuster story that... More »

7 Stories