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3K Birds Saved in NY Cockfight Crackdown

'Operation Angry Birds' smashes NY ring

(Newser) - Some 3,000 birds were rescued and nine felony arrests were made in a huge cockfighting crackdown that officials in New York state called "Operation Angry Birds." In a New York City raid, at least 70 NYPD officers accompanied by state troopers raided a basement cockfighting operation as... More »

ASPCA Pushing Trusts for Your Pet

Pet group recommends legal protection for Mr. Whiskers after owner's death

(Newser) - We spend our lives spoiling our pets—to the tune of $53 billion this year, by one estimate—but what about what happens after that? Animals are considered property, not family, so if you pass away, pets can be in trouble. That's why the ASPCA and online legal-documents provider... More »

150 New Yorkers Vie for 15 Chihuahuas

California ships purse dogs East—but doesn't send enough

(Newser) - The migration of Chihuahuas from overloaded California shelters to the East Coast has gotten a lot of press—maybe too much. The publicity led 150 New Yorkers to line up outside the ASPCA yesterday to compete for 15 Chihuahuas. “This is a fucking joke,” one would-be owner tells... More »

Circus Elephant Abuse Case Hits Court

Animal rights groups allege circus group engages in jumbo-sized cruelty

(Newser) - The nation's circus elephants finally have their day in court, reports the Washington Post. Animal rights groups who accuse circuses of mistreating their elephants have battled for eight years to bring a case against Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey. In opening arguments in Washington DC district court yesterday, an... More »

Like eHarmony, Only for Kitties

Shelters using Feline-ality program to match cats to owners

(Newser) - There's no shortage of dating websites that use personality profiles to come up with "scores" and assess compatibility; now, the AP reports, animal shelters are using a similar program to help pair famously fickle felines with owners. Some 45 facilities use Feline-ality, which assigns cats colorful personality types: leader... More »

Foreclosure Victims Also Furry

As more people lose their homes, so do their pets

(Newser) - As foreclosure rates skyrocket around the country, animal shelters are feeling a heartbreaking byproduct: an influx of pets being surrendered, USA Today reports. Across the country, areas with high foreclosures are seeing increased rates of pet abandonment, and shelters worry that even more could be coming as unemployment rates rise... More »

6 Stories