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Homer Is Best TV, Film Character

Simpsons dad wins in survey from past 20 years

(Newser) - The world loves Homer Simpson—even more than Harry Potter. The Simpsons patriarch grabbed the top spot in Entertainment Weekly ’s survey of the best TV and film characters of the past two decades, the New York Post reports. “People can relate to Homer because we're all secretly... More »

Greedy SJP a Real 'Scrooge'

All her millions still not enough for Sex and the City star

(Newser) - Despite being just as fabulously wealthy as her on-screen counterpart Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker wants more and more. She kept 12 pairs of Swarovski cocktail glasses (worth $4,680 total), a $9,000 Pucci gown, and a pricey pair of metallic boots from the Sex and the City 2... More »

New SATC2 Details: Carrie's Marriage Gets Rocky

Casting notice offers more plot details

(Newser) - The plot of Sex and the City 2 includes big drama for Mr. Big and Carrie, Us Weekly reports. A casting notice reveals: "Big loses a lot of money and takes a job in London," where Carrie's hubby ends up in bed with someone else. "After... More »

Hotties Hate Marriage in Prospect Park West

Get ready to meet the scheming gals of Prospect Park West

(Newser) - Kudos to Carrie Bradshaw for seeking sex in the city, because marriage in the city apparently stinks, Annie Karni writes in the New York Post. Author Amy Sohn’s dark new tome about marriage and motherhood, Prospect Park West, is garnering praise as the next Sex and the City, following... More »

8 Ways Hollywood Changed Fashion

Before there was Sarah Jessica Parker, there was Jennifer Beals

(Newser) - Fashionistas rejoice: Mad Men returns tonight! To celebrate the show's influence on fashion—yes, thin-lapelled suits and Peter Pan collars are back—CNN remembers other Hollywood offerings that dominated the fashion zeitgeist:
  • Some say Clarke Gable's bare chest in It Happened One Night caused undershirt sales to plummet by 75%
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Sorry, Chick Flicks: We're Just Not That Into You

Genre too often relies on 'clichés, hateful caricatures' of womanhood

(Newser) - Where have all the Carrie Bradshaws and Bridget Joneses gone? The women of flicks like Bride Wars and Confessions of a Shopaholic are pale imitations of those relatively feisty heroines, “variously neurotic, idiotic, label-obsessed, weight-obsessed, man-obsessed or wedding-obsessed, and often all at the same time,” Kevin Maher complains... More »

SATC Author Plans Carrie Prequel

Bushnell's 2-volume Carrie Diaries set in high school

(Newser) - Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell is writing a pair of teen novels, The Carrie Diaries, that "takes readers back to Carrie Bradshaw's formative years in high school, giving an inside look at Carrie's friendships, romances, and how she realized her dream of becoming a writer," publisher... More »

Sex Backlash Is Mostly Sexist

Men, male critics just resent girls mucking up summer action flicks

(Newser) - The masses have spoken: Sex and the City is a success, a tentpole, and with a $56 million opening weekend, a blockbuster even. But if you hear men talk about it, you’d think it was the most horrible thing to ever happen to cineplexes, writes Ramin Setoodeh. They grow... More »

Sex and the City Star Misses ... the City

On eve of movie release, Parker recalls bygone Manhattan

(Newser) - When Sarah Jessica Parker laments the old Manhattan that is slowly eroding—coffee shops and bodegas closing, Sex and the City bus tours parked outside Magnolia Bakery—her husband, Mathew Broderick, tells it to her straight: “That’s your fault!” New York magazine sits down with the star,... More »

SATC Tour: Mr. Big Not Included

Carrie Bradshaw wannabes can re-create her life for $24K

(Newser) - Whether you’re a Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, or Samantha, you can live out your own Sex and the City fantasy—for $24,000. That’s the price for one travel company’s five-night re-creation of the ultra-popular TV show. The posh tour, limited to 12 women at a time, includes... More »

Who Profited Most From Sex?

A look at the bank behind Sex and the City's biggest stars

(Newser) - Manolos, cupcakes, cosmos: As a trendsetter, Sex and the City had the golden touch. But did all that glimmers rub off on its stars? Portfolio lists their recent gigs and market value.
  1. Sarah Jessica Parker: With an estimated value of $25 million, the show’s star has posed for Garnier
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