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Trump Condo For Sale ... in Bitcoin Only

New site aims to provide luxury goods for 'Bitcoin millionaires'

(Newser) - What can you actually pay for in Bitcoins? Well, at the moment, the list appears to include a luxury condo in New York City. A one-bedroom apartment in the Trump SoHo building went up for sale yesterday for 20,874 BTC, which is to say just over $1.9 million.... More »

Oprah's Luxe Apartment for Rent: $15K a Month

Huge residence features solarium, views of Lake Michigan

(Newser) - Talk show queen Oprah Winfrey’s Chicago digs are fit for, well, a queen—and for just $15,000 a month, you can enjoy them. That’s how much her 4,607-square-foot apartment is renting for, and for that price you’ll get stunning views of Lake Michigan from the... More »

NYC Breastfeeding Shop Sued by Condo

Upper Breast Side owner doesn't know what condo boobs are up to

(Newser) - A Manhattan shop that specializes in bras and supplies for breastfeeding is being sued by the condo where it's located. The condo board boobs say they're just trying to stop a commercial use that isn't allowed. "I'm past the point of trying to understand this... More »

Looking to Buy a Condo? Act Now

What's bad for luxury developers is good for buyers

(Newser) - Standing tall in some of the most moneyed neighborhoods in America, condos once symbolized a seemingly bottomless housing boom. Now that the housing market has cratered, the luxury real estate sector is providing would-be buyers with the biggest opportunities, Forbes says. Lake Tahoe, Calif., Key Biscayne, Fl., and New York’... More »

Manhattan Teeters on Brink of Housing Crash

(Newser) - As foreclosure sales begin to lure buyers back to the housing market in some parts of the country, realtors in New York are finding the market crisis has come home to roost, Reuters reports. Things are bad and could soon be much worse. Condo sales in Manhattan have plummeted 71%... More »

NYC's Luxury Apartment Bubble Bursts

There's now a glut of pricey listings on the market

(Newser) - New York’s top real estate agents subscribed to an 8-word mantra last year, the New York Observer notes: So many eager buyers, so few trophy properties. But 2008 has brought a dose of cold reality. More than 168 luxury apartments and townhouses are on the market, dozens more than... More »

LA Gets the Luxury Condo Bug

City's vertical trend extends to rich

(Newser) - LA’s multi-millionaires are downsizing. While the wealth and fame in the City of Angels has traditionally expressed itself in estates, preferably gated, now a steady stream of the very-well-heeled are trading in their mansions for high-rise luxury condos, the New York Times reports. “People are ready to live... More »

Trump Sues Over Israeli Condo Deal

Says builders made $36M on his name —without building

(Newser) - Nobody makes a sucker out of Donald Trump…at least not without getting sued. Trump is taking an Israeli condo developer to court, saying the company profited off his name without giving him a cut. The developers made a deal to build a 70-story Trump Plaza residential and commercial tower... More »

Fla. Crane Crash Kills 2, Injures 4

Cause of accident still unknown

(Newser) - Part of a construction crane crashed into a building next to a Miami construction site this afternoon, killing two and injuring at least four, the Miami Herald reports. Workers on an unfinished 46-story luxury condo were raising an extension to connect it with the crane when the extension came loose... More »

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