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Callous Liberals Doomed Syria

Syria isn't Iraq, Richard Cohen wants you to know

(Newser) - As Syria's bloody civil war has raged on, Richard Cohen at the Washington Post has been dismayed to see so many liberals fighting against intervention. "The argument is that Syria would be Iraq all over again," Cohen writes. But "this is tendentious." People like Cohen... More »

Stop Lefty Thugs Bullying Gay Marriage Opponents

Supreme Court must step in to keep chill off participation

(Newser) - A movement in Washington state to force the disclosure of the names of those who supported a referendum on same-sex marriage has George Will up in arms over “thuggish liberalism” and its chilling effect on political participation. Signing one’s name in support of such a measure is akin... More »

Foreign Views Prove Less Neat Than 'Hawk' and 'Dove'

Candidates have complicated ideas on American power

(Newser) - For the presidential candidates, divergent experiences in Asia—John McCain's time in a Vietnam prison, Barack Obama's childhood years in Indonesia—gave rise to opposing views of American power. Yet the nominees' foreign policy stances have often blurred during the campaign, with Obama appearing more hawkish and McCain more diplomatic,... More »

Brown: World Needs US to Lead

PM will exhort global leadership to presidential candidates

(Newser) - British PM Gordon Brown plans a landmark speech in Boston next month, calling on the US to once again provide inspiration to a world in need of American "values and leadership." The address will be aimed at John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama—not President Bush, the... More »

4 Stories