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RNC Mulls Litmus Test for 2010 Candidates

Purity standards designed to restore 'conservative bona fides'

(Newser) - A group of RNC members is circulating a conservative purity test that they say should be used to determine which candidates the committee should endorse and fund. Titled the “Resolution on Reagan’s Unity Principle for Support of Candidates,” the email outlines 10 points of Republican orthodoxy, and... More »

Republicans Slam Party-Purist Outfit

Club for Growth backs unelectable righties, say some in GOP

(Newser) - Some in the GOP have had it with the Club for Growth, an organization that identifies Republicans it deems weak on low-tax, small-government values, the Wall Street Journal reports. Party members argue that the Club backs Republicans too far right to win elections. “If their goal is to increase... More »

Obama Nation Author Has Made Career of Wild Claims

Here's a look at some of his most outlandish

(Newser) - Author Jerome Corsi, he of the Kerry Swift Boat book and the new attack tome on Barack Obama, has a long history of, um, provocative theories. For instance: The world's oil supplies are nearly infinite because oil constantly replenishes itself. Politico takes a look at some of his more outlandish... More »

McCain Vows to Pick More Conservative Judges

Lashes out at judicial activists, Obama

(Newser) - John McCain reached out to conservatives today, saying he would follow George Bush's lead in appointing judges, CNN reports. McCain drew sharp contrasts between his legal philosophy and that of both Democratic hopefuls before an audience in North Carolina. He specifically criticized Obama for voting against the confirmation of John... More »

Nancy Reagan Endorses McCain

Latest GOP blueblood to fall in line behind candidate

(Newser) - Top Republicans continue to fall in line behind John McCain, despite skepticism about his conservative credentials. The latest to back the candidate is former first lady Nancy Reagan, who met privately with McCain at her southern California home. Her endorsement is an important boost for McCain, linking him to the... More »

5 Stories