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American Airlines Report Roasts FAA

Airline blames policy switch for thousands of canceled flights

(Newser) - American Airlines blames the FAA for its recent grounding of thousands of flights, the Wall Street Journal reports. The airline is set to deliver a report today that says 3,300 flights were canceled because FAA headquarters reversed a "handshake deal" the airline had with regional aviation officials that... More »

American Gets Half of MD-80s Flying

Will cancel another 200, but aims to be on track in 24 hours

(Newser) - American Airlines flew about half of its MD-80s on schedule today but will ground another 200 for inspections tomorrow morning, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports. Execs said that all planes should be back on track by tomorrow night. CEO Gerard Arpey accepted blame for the groundings that have canceled 3,... More »

American to Cancel 900 More Flights Today

Continued passenger misery ahead as safety work continues

(Newser) - American Airlines expects to cancel 900 more flights today as the airline works to bring its MD-80 aircraft up to FAA standards, the New York Times reports. Thousands more travelers will be stranded at airport hubs, and the problem could spill into tomorrow. American is just the latest airline to... More »

1,000 American Flights Now Grounded Amid Inspections

FAA concerns over wiring issues prompt second voluntary round of cancellations

(Newser) - American Airlines has now canceled more than 1,000 flights as it inspects wires in its 300 MD-80 aircraft, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Federal Aviation Administration raised concerns about recent inspections of the wiring, the same issue that grounded more than 400 flights last month. The process, which... More »

American Cancels 171 Flights to Inspect Boeing Jets

Dozens of planes grounded to check out wiring issue

(Newser) - American Airlines canceled 171 flights today, benching almost its entire fleet of Boeing MD-80 twinjet aircrafts, the Chicago Tribune reports. American said it was inspecting how a “certain bundle of wires” was attached to ensure it complied with an FAA directive. But American said the grounding was voluntary, not... More »

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