Herbert Hoover

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Bush's Failures Show the Need for Pragmatic Prez

Like Hoover, Dubya stuck to his principles rather than compromise

(Newser) - What exactly made George W. Bush such a terrible president? His unwavering commitment to his principles, Alan Brinkley argues in the New Republic. Most Americans favor idealists over realists, in theory, so the criticism might seem strange. But the presidents we remember for their lofty goals and convictions—such as... More »

Bush: 'I Never Sold My Soul'

Says he knows he's unpopular

(Newser) - President Bush knows he doesn't have a lot of fans, but is proud that he didn't "compromise my soul to be a popular guy," he tells Fox News. It's particularly tough to like him given the current economic situation, he concedes. "What do you expect? We've got... More »

White Obama Support Defies Doubters

44% of white voters swing to Obama

(Newser) - A minority of white voters—44%—are now supporting Barack Obama, but he trails by less than previous Democratic presidential candidates, reports the New York Times, including Bill Clinton. Both the impact of racial attitudes and the proportion of white voters in the electorate have diminished, analysts say. In a... More »

In Race About Crisis, Obama, McCain Mirror Hoover, FDR

We know their styles, but economy is changing too fast for policy specifics

(Newser) - We should quit trying to pin the candidates down on policy specifics, writes EJ Dionne in the Washington Post. They’ve given us a “clear sense of who they are and how they would lead,” and that’s all we can ask. The economic crisis is moving so... More »

Experts Deride McCain’s Mortgage Crisis Fix

Current woes not comparable to '01 factors that prompted GM to offer 0% financing

(Newser) - Economists, and rivals, are scoffing at John McCain’s ideas for countering the nation’s foreclosure crisis, taking aim at the suggestion that top lenders follow the post-9/11 example of General Motors—which offered 0% financing on new cars. But experts note that GM had its own interests in mind—... More »

5 Stories