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Virus Attack Hobbles Major US Newspapers

Tribune Company hit by computer virus, resulting in slimmed-down or canceled newspapers

(Newser) - A computer virus hit newspaper printing plants in Los Angeles and at Tribune Publishing newspapers across the country, disrupting production of the Chicago Tribune and its other newspapers. The print edition of the Chicago Tribune was published Saturday without paid death notices and classified ads, reports the AP , while in... More »

I'm a 'Deplorable' Trump Voter, and I'm Not Sorry

Feel free to 'rage,' but Jeff Bust doesn't have luxury of waiting for someone he likes

(Newser) - Jeff Bust doesn't like Donald Trump. He thinks the president is "arrogant, careless with what he says, overly competitive, and insensitive." But Bust also voted for Trump and proudly considers himself "deplorable," he writes for the Chicago Tribune . He focuses on the amount of money... More »

Fast-Food Fantasy Come to Life? the 'McWhopper'

This could be happening if Burger King gets its wish to team up with McDonald's

(Newser) - Imagine Ronald McDonald and the Burger King monarch working the grill together for one glorious day. That's BK's proposal to its No. 1 rival, put forth on its , which suggests the two fast-food foes team up on Sept. 21 to create a sandwich by that very... More »

Woman Celebrates Return of DUI-Lost License—With DUI

Chicago woman said she was partying at a bar before arrest

(Newser) - When preemptively celebrating the return of a driver's license lost to a DUI, most people might attempt to, say, not drink and drive. Or get pulled over. While speeding. With BAC at twice the legal limit. Nevertheless, police say that's the predicament Chicago-area woman Erin James found herself... More »

Koch Bros. Look to Buy 8 Newspapers

Could use LA Times and others to spread conservative message

(Newser) - Brothers Charles and David Koch, the billionaire businessmen behind Koch Industries and noted supporters of libertarian causes, are looking to buy into the newspaper business. They're exploring a deal to acquire the Tribune Company's eight regional newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune and the Baltimore ... More »

Tribune Company Set to Exit Bankruptcy

But it may soon sell off its newspapers

(Newser) - The Tribune Company is set to emerge from bankruptcy today, four years after it filed for Chapter 11 protection as the American economy nosedived. The reorganized multimedia company has a new board of directors that includes plenty of entertainment industry veterans, and profitable assets including eight major daily newspapers and... More »

Tribune Co. Explores Sale of LA Times, Chicago Tribune

Rupert Murdoch rumored to be interested

(Newser) - What happens when you take the Tribune out of the Tribune Co.? We might be about to find out. The company is actively seeking bankers to help sell off its newspapers—potentially including the Chicago Tribune and LA Times—when it emerges from bankruptcy at the end of the... More »

'Red-Blooded' Murdoch Eyes LA Times, Tribune

News Corp's CEO 'has an irrational love of newspapers'

(Newser) - The head of the world's biggest news company is eying two crown jewels in American journalism: the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune. In fact, Rupert Murdoch has been in preliminary talks about buying both papers in a purchase of the Tribune Co., according to executives at Murdoch'... More »

Chicago Tribune Endorses Romney

He gets backing ahead of Tuesday's primary

(Newser) - The United States is deeply in debt, and the "lethal pathology" of entitlement spending "threatens the career incomes of our children and grandchildren. They will spend their work lives as indentured servants to their elders." Which of the Republican candidates can fix that huge mess? Only Mitt... More »

Chicago Tribune Pulls Doonesbury Over Charity Pitch

Garry Trudeau pushed a fund for public schools

(Newser) - The Chicago Tribune refused to run Friday's Doonesbury strip because it made, in the paper's words, "a direct fundraising appeal for a specific charity." The newspaper's "editorial practices do not allow individuals to promote their self-interests," it said in a notice. The strip... More »

Chicago Trib to Publish Sunday Paper With No Ads

(Newser) - Here's one way to solve the dearth of advertising for newspapers—just get rid of that pesky stuff altogether and charge readers an extra $5 an issue. This is what the Chicago Tribune may be planning, according to a story in the Chicago Reader, which got its hands on an... More »

Olympic Snub Has Silver Lining for Chicago

Good ideas and sober assessments made during bid should go forward

(Newser) - Chicago failed in its bid to land the Olympics, but look on the bright side, the Tribune urges: If the city builds on the bright ideas and redevelopment plans designed to sway the IOC, it can have all the benefits with none of the hassle. “Bidding for an Olympiad... More »

Grown-Ups Return to At the Movies

(Newser) - ABC execs seem to be trying their hardest to atone for the “two Bens” period of At the Movies, replacing Ben Lyons and Ben Mankiewicz with two of print criticism’s best—AO Scott of the New York Times and and Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune. The result... More »

Lenders, Not Zell, May Run Tribune Co.

(Newser) - The bankrupt Tribune Company could emerge from protection with its top creditors—and not chairman Sam Zell—in charge, the Chicago Tribune reports. Zell exerts control based on $90 million he spent to secure the option of buying 40% of the company for $500 million, and a $250 million loan.... More »

Winning Blago Book Name: Rod and the Giant Impeach

(Newser) - The people of Illinois have voted in a Chicago Tribune contest to name Rod Blagojevich’s upcoming memoir, and the winner is: Rod and the Giant Impeach. “I thought of the impeachment of the governor, and about my childhood,” the winner said of his inspiration, which scored him... More »

Ebert on Siskel: 'He Is in My Mind Almost Every Day'

(Newser) - Ten years after the death of his sparring partner, Roger Ebert pays tribute to Gene Siskel in the Chicago Sun-Times. "He is in my mind almost every day," writes Ebert. Yes, they had a sometimes volatile relationship, but the friendship endured. “No one else could possibly understand... More »

Feds Hit Blago's Wife With Subpoena

Former first lady of Illinois must supply wide range of documents to authorities

(Newser) - Federal investigators subpoenaed Patti Blagojevich today, requiring the former first lady of Illinois to supply documents concerning the corruption charges against her husband, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. Blagojevich is said to have complied with the subpoena, which demanded that she provide information on more than 40 people or entities, ranging... More »

Chicago Trib to Burris: Out, Damned Senator!

Burris has clearly lied, and has to resign

(Newser) - Time to go, Roland. The Chicago Tribune editorializes today that Sen. Roland Burris should resign, having used up his last shred of credibility by the time he changed his story for the fourth time yesterday—with the story getting "worse with every telling." Whether and how much he... More »

Dear Ann Landers: Advise Your Successors

Feud over the "new Ann Landers" name—kind of inane

(Newser) - Who’ll advise the advice columnists? Margo Howard—daughter of Ann Landers—wrote a nasty open letter yesterday to Amy Dickinson of the Chicago Tribune, accusing Dickinson of trying to usurp her mom's name. “Well, you are not the ‘new’ Ann Landers because there is no ‘new’... More »

Big Day a Windfall for Newspapers

Huge demand for special editions

(Newser) - Newspapers expect a multi-million-dollar windfall in extra sales to people who want a keepsake of Inauguration Day, and publishers are gearing up to make the most of it, Bloomberg reports. The Washington Post is  jacking up its price to $2, and the New York Times, USA Today and other publications... More »

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