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Playboy Model Investigated, Banned Over Body-Shaming

Dani Mathers took a photo of a naked woman in a locker room and posted it online

(Newser) - Let this be a lesson to body-shamers everywhere. The Playboy model who took a photo of a naked woman in an LA Fitness locker room then posted it to Snapchat with the message "If I can't unsee this then you can't either" is facing a whole host... More »

Air Quality in Your Gym Might Spoil Workout

Study finds generally high levels of pollutants

(Newser) - You might want to start your next workout at the gym with a sniff test. A new study suggests that gyms have high levels of air pollutants such as formaldehyde, airborne dust, and carbon dioxide, reports the New York Times . In fact, levels for those three substances generally exceeded accepted... More »

Want to Run Barefoot at Your Gym? Good Luck

Fellow joggers will be 'repulsed' by the practice

(Newser) - Joggers who love running barefoot are trying to bring the fad into fitness clubs—but fellow members and gym owners are saying no way, the Wall Street Journal reports. Fitness chains cite health concerns in banning the practice, and shoe-wearing members cite disgust over naked feet sweating on tracks and... More »

Health Clubs: Pretty Darn Dangerous

Five potential pitfalls lurking at the gym

(Newser) - So it’s almost 2011 and you’re determined to put that gym membership to good use. That’s great, but what about all the hidden dangers lurking in health clubs? The Washington Post offers some tips for how to protect yourself from…
  • Skin infections: These can be spread through
... More »

Madonna to Sell You Arms Like These

Material Girl opening string of Hard Candy gyms

(Newser) - Jealous of Madonna’s crazy muscles? You may soon be able to get some just like hers, assuming you live outside the United States. The pop star is opening a chain of Hard Candy Fitness gyms, starting with one in Mexico City that opens Nov. 29, the AP reports. More... More »

Cancer Fears Drive Fitness Buffs Indoors

Dermatologists warn on workouts in the sun

(Newser) - Health experts warn us to keep fit while also pestering us to beware of the sun's damaging rays. The solution, for many: indoor workouts. “I refuse to exercise outdoors,” one avid stationary cyclist tells the Boston Globe. She said she considers the sun a harbinger of cancer, not... More »

Bravo to Harvard for Women-Only Gym Hours

Islam-friendly policy fits 'regime of reasonable accommodation'

(Newser) - Harvard was right to close a gym to men for six hours each week so Muslim women can exercise in comfort, Ruth Marcus writes in the Washington Post. Bloggers might be charging “Sharia at Harvard” and some students might be exercised about another decision to broadcast calls to prayer... More »

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