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Springer Returns to Daytime TV as Judge Jerry

'Judge Jerry' debuts in syndication next year

(Newser) - Meet Judge Jerry—Judge Jerry Springer. Yes, the former daytime talk show host has a law degree, and he'll be putting it to good use back in daytime syndication. Springer is returning to the small screen for Judge Jerry, a daily, first-run half-hour court program debuting in national syndication... More »

Jerry Springer's Show Halts After 4K Episodes

The slugfest lasted 28 years

(Newser) - Somehow it doesn't seem right for Jerry Springer to exit quietly. There should be one last thrown chair or a bleep-filled tirade, at the very least. Instead, it was announced with no fanfare this week that he will stop making new episodes of his memorably raucous talk show, and... More »

We've Watched Jerry Springer's 'Freak Show' for 25 Years

'People aren't watching the show because they want to see me'

(Newser) - As his talk show celebrates its silver anniversary today, Jerry Springer didn't anticipate he'd be fighting back tears as he addressed his audience. "Know this," said the 71-year-old, who wore a tuxedo for the event, to his audience at The Jerry Springer Show. "There's... More »

6 'Dumb' Stars Who Are Actually Really Smart

You should actually listen to Dr. Oz, it turns out

(Newser) - If you've ever assumed Dr. Oz is just like Dr. Phil, or that Jerry Springer and Flavor Flav are both kind of a joke, take a look at this Cracked list revealing secret celebrity smartypants:
  • Dr. Oz: Considering he's best known for peddling health tips on daytime talk
... More »

6 Celebs Who Didn't Watch Their Own TV Shows

Naveen Andrews has no idea what 'Lost' was about, either

(Newser) - If you're still wondering what, exactly, Lost was about … don't bother asking Naveen Andrews, otherwise known as Sayid. Andrews revealed this week that he never actually watched an episode of the show in which he starred. (So, according to Jezebel's Lindy West , "as far as... More »

Springer to Host Dating Show

Kelly Osbourne gets a new TV gig, too

(Newser) - Today's television news: Jerry Springer heads to another trainwreck-of-a-show, while Kelly Osbourne lands a gig trying to help trainwrecks-in-the-making. Springer—who calls himself “the crazy old uncle” that people tell secrets to—will host a dating show where contestants reveal their biggest faults then vie for a date, the... More »

Best Soap Opera Cameos

James Franco follows in the footsteps of Rosanne, Snoop Dog

(Newser) - James Franco’s much-hyped General Hospital guest stint began Friday, but can he live up to the true classics of the celebrity cameo genre? Many other luminaries have guested on daytime TV, and “they almost always shake things up like a schizophrenic with a fake pregnancy interrupting a wedding... More »

Most Repulsive Reality TV Shows

(Newser) - Reality shows throw anyone who signs a waiver onto TV. Some have higher aspirations, but most rest solidly in "How low can they go?" territory. Annie Barrett of Entertainment Weekly looks at 35 of the most appalling reality TV shows.
  • Jail:  A new low from the guys
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Chicago to Springer: Good Riddance

Jerry's trainwreck talk show never felt like part of the Windy City

(Newser) - Jerry Springer tapes his last show in Chicago today, before heading for the pastures of Connecticut, made greener by a bunch of tax breaks. Well, Steve Johnson of the Chicago Tribune would like to wish him this fond adieu: “Don’t let the chair flying toward the door hit... More »

Boyle Makeover Hotly Debated

(Newser) - Should she or shouldn't she? Susan Boyle's new fans can't help debating whether the 47-year-old singer who wowed the world in her performance on Britain's Got Talent last weekend should shed the frumpy style that made her sensational voice so surprising. She "needs to stay exactly as she is... More »

Jerry Springer Joins Chicago Cast in London

Talk show host to perform in West End musical

(Newser) - Jerry Springer will test his singing, dancing, and acting chops in a production of Chicago in London’s prestigious West End, the Times of London reports. Springer, a former lawyer, will play the role of lawyer Billy Flynn. The talk show host acknowledged that musical theater would have its challenges:... More »

Backstage Tour Lays Bare Springer Nation

Campy disasters inspire schadenfreude

(Newser) - A backstage tour of The Jerry Springer Show reveals "fundamental truths about the human condition," Kevin Pang writes in the Chicago Tribune. Philanderers and home-wreckers vetted by the show receive star treatment for a day, and insist their tales are true—for the most part. It's "all... More »

Law Students Object to Springer Speech

Northwestern rules in favor of alum as graduation headliner

(Newser) - No one’s resorted to chair throwing—yet—but Northwestern law students aren’t happy about their commencement speaker: Jerry Springer, class of '68. The committee that tapped the TV host touted his success in news and entertainment, and even politics, the Chicago Tribune reports. Never mind that he resigned... More »

Top Reasons to Ogle DWTS

Over-enthused celebs to crazy costumes, dance craze has something for everyone

(Newser) - Go on, admit it: Dancing With the Stars has you glued to the tube like a nude bodysuit on a ballroom dancer. Don’t worry—Annie Barrett of Entertainment Weekly is right there with you. She shares the 15 reasons she’s a Dancing fool.
  1. Stars dancing with gusto, no
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