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'Dress Rehearsal' Tomorrow for American's Wi-Fi

In-flight internet will be briefly free on some long domestic flights

(Newser) - American Airlines will offer a trial of its in-flight wireless Internet service tomorrow, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports. "Gogo" will be installed on 15 of American’s 767s, and available on flights departing New York’s JFK for Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami. Free tomorrow, the service will... More »

Feeling Lethal? SkyMall Catolog Has Just the Thing

Merchandise can take a sinister turn, given the right mood

(Newser) - Browsing airplane catalogs already hints at a certain crazed desperation. But just in case that yapping businessman on your flight pushes you into a homicidal rage, Jezebel points out that SkyMall merch can also facilitate murder (first, allow 4-6 weeks for delivery):
  1. Lawn Aerator Sandals: 1.5-inch spikes covering the
... More »

UK Moves Closer to In-Flight Cell Phones

Service awaits nod from EU aviation safety boards

(Newser) - British air travelers may soon be able to use their cell phones while in flight, Reuters reports. UK telecom regulator Ofcom approved airline proposals to offer mobile service, pending assent by the European aviation safety authorities. Passengers would be able to make calls once the aircraft was in the air... More »

3 Stories