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Massive Report Alleges Patriots' Cheating Worse Than Thought

ESPN says 'Deflategate' was 'a makeup call' for Spygate cover-up

(Newser) - In a massive ESPN report —more than 10,000 words put together based on interviews with more than 90 players, coaches, team owners, and league officials, plus "previously undisclosed private notes from key meetings"—Don Van Natta Jr. and Seth Wickersham lay out their case that the... More »

NFL Defenses Tuning In This Season

Radio hookup aims to keep foes (ie, Patriots) from stealing signals

(Newser) - NFL defenders are hearing voices in their heads—often the screams of their coaches. An off-season rule change allows select defensive players to use the same helmet communication devices quarterbacks have long been using, USA Today reports. While kinks are being ironed out, the system means incidents like the Patriots’... More »

Belichick Needs to Be Suspended

ESPN columnist thinks Spygate will linger as long as coach goes unscathed

(Newser) - ESPN.com columnist Gregg Easterbrook is tired of Spygate, the Patriots videotaping scandal, but not so weary of it to forgive and forget. He argues that the NFL will have to deal with the imbroglio until New England coach Bill Belichick is properly punished. The $500,000 fine and forfeiture... More »

Patriots' Taper Disputes Belichick

He says the team knowingly broke rules to big advantage

(Newser) - A former cameraman for the New England Patriots who helped tape other teams’ signals gave the New York Times details on his experience—and they don’t match the claims of coach Bill Belichick. Matt Walsh insists the team knowingly broke the rules and gained a big advantage over opponents.... More »

NFL Closes Patriots Case

Team didn't tape the Rams in Super Bowl; Herald apologizes for running story

(Newser) - After meeting with former Patriots video assistant Matt Walsh, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell effectively closed the book on Spygate. Goodell also determined that a tape of the St. Louis Rams' practice before Super Bowl XXXVI never existed, prompting the Boston Herald to issue an apology for publishing the rumors "... More »

Ex-Pats Video Assistant Meets Goodell, Specter

Walsh doesn't know of any pre-Super Bowl walkthrough video

(Newser) - A murmur rippled across the room as the NFL revealed the tapes provided by former Patriots video assistant Matt Walsh. The cause was not some new revelation of wrongdoing by New England, which was caught last September recording opposing coaches' signals in violation of league rules. More »

Ex-Patriots Staffer Turns Over Gridiron Spygate Videos

But Rams' Super Bowl practice tape isn't there

(Newser) - A former New England Patriots assistant has given the NFL eight videotapes showing that the Pats broke the rules by recording rival teams' play-calling signals—but the rumored tape of the St. Louis Rams isn't among them, the New York Times reports. There had been reports that the worker had... More »

NFL Will Push for 'Integrity'

Spygate has commissioner worried about cheating in football

(Newser) - Still red-faced from the Patriots' "Spygate" videotaping scandal last season, the NFL is searching for ways to rebuild fan trust and protect the "integrity of the game," reports the Washington Post. Commissioner Roger Goodell has outlined a plan aimed at stemming cheating that is expected to get... More »

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