Rust Belt

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Battered Ohio Town Finds Hope in Fracking

Rust Belt steelmaking rebounds thanks to controversial gas extraction technique

(Newser) - The Rust Belt has suffered through decades of decline and job losses, but now a $650 million steel plant, bringing 350 new jobs, is going up in Youngstown, Ohio—and you can thank fracking for the revival, reports the Wall Street Journal . The rise of hydraulic fracturing—the process of... More »

Out of the Spotlight, Biden Battles On

The other No. 2 has been pulverizing McCain with gusto in swing states

(Newser) - He may be getting less press attention than Sarah Palin's pets but there's another vice-presidential candidate in this race and he's been blasting John McCain all across the Rust Belt, the New York Times reports. Joe Biden barely mentions Palin in his fiery speeches to crowds of varying size, but... More »

Shining Sun Belt Beckons to Rust Belt's Weary

Southern populations, particularly in Texas, continue to explode

(Newser) - Americans are continuing to flock to the Sun Belt, reports the AP. Almost all of the 50 fastest-growing metro areas in 2006 and 2007 were in the South and West, and four of the top 10 were in Texas. None were in the Northeast. Experts say the Sun Belt's strong... More »

3 Stories