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Another Yellowstone Visitor Gets Too Close to Hot Spring

21-year-old Gervais Gatete was severely burned

(Newser) - Yellowstone officials keep warning visitors about the dangers of the park's hot springs, but curiosity seems to be stronger than fear. A 21-year-old suffered severe burns this week when he fell into a spring in the park's Lower Geyser Basin, reports East Idaho News . Gervais Gatete of Raleigh,... More »

Man Dissolved by Hot Spring Was Checking Temperature

Final report on Yellowstone death released

(Newser) - A man who left the boardwalk in a highly dangerous area of Yellowstone National Park was looking for a place to swim but ended up being dissolved in a hot spring, according to the final official report on the June 7 accident. The report states that Oregon man Colin Nathaniel... More »

What Lurks Beneath Yellowstone? We'll Soon Know

Survey will determine the paths that groundwater takes

(Newser) - The mysteries of Old Faithful may soon be solved, thanks, in part, to something that looks like a giant hula hoop. American and Danish scientists have this week begun an aerial survey of Yellowstone that actually looks well into the earth, "visualizing" the geology and water as much as... More »

Latest Yellowstone Tragedy: Guy Falls Into Hot Spring

He wandered more than 200 yards off the boardwalk, fell into Norris Geyser Basin

(Newser) - A man in his 20s who wandered some 225 yards off the boardwalk and was spotted falling into the Norris Geyser Basin in the Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming on Tuesday is still missing and presumed dead, park officials say. MTN News reports that a search is underway, but the... More »

Scientists Unlock Old Faithful's Big Secret

The Yellowstone geyser is fed by a large cavern

(Newser) - Mystery solved: Scientists say they've finally figured out why Old Faithful erupts with super-hot water and steam about every 90 minutes, Our Amazing Planet reports. Seismic records show that under the Yellowstone geyser, a large egg-shaped chamber is connected to the mouth of Old Faithful by a sort of... More »

Yellowstone Sits on 'Supervolcano'

Underground volcanic material spans larger area than previously believed

(Newser) - The volcanic plume that powers Yellowstone’s geysers and hot springs may be bigger than we thought, and it could someday erupt—not for the first time. The “hotspot” unleashed three major blasts long ago, covering a huge portion of the continent with ash, the BBC reports. Researchers made... More »

Saturn Moon Holds Recipe for Life

Life's 'building blocks' found in massive geysers

(Newser) - Basic components of life like heat, organic chemicals, and water have been found on a Saturn moon, Reuters reports. A spacecraft flying over Enceladus this month spotted 500-mile-high geysers spouting off its surface, containing water vapor and the organic molecules found in living things. Though no one’s saying there’... More »

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