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Here's What Not to Fall For on April Fools' Day

Trust us

(Newser) - Don't believe everything you read on the Internet—but especially not on April 1. April Fools' Day is the perfect, albeit well-worn, opportunity to post on Facebook that you're pregnant or to inform your significant other that you just won the lottery. But if you'd rather read... More »

Camping: Oh, Wait. Rapture Is Actually Oct. 21

Rest assured, the earth will still be consumed by a fireball

(Newser) - Harold Camping's new favorite phrase: Better late than never. The California preacher has an easy explanation for why the rapture never came to pass on Saturday: He was five months off. Doh! The actual rapture will be Oct. 21. He had originally said that was the day on which... More »

Kanye Lives! And So Do These Other Hoaxed Celebs

Fake rumors of celebrity death from Kanye West to Frank Sinatra

(Newser) - We're happy for you Kanye, but Paul McCartney's may have been the best celebrity death hoax of all time. An elaborate Internet hoax fooled many into thinking Kanye West had been killed in a car crash yesterday, prompting the Los Angeles Times to look at other celebs who fell victim... More »

Pakistan Feared Indian Air Strikes

India was preparing to hits areas identified as militant camps, says official

(Newser) - Pakistan feared a retaliatory attack by India after the Mumbai terrorist siege, a Pakistani official told the BBC. Evidence indicated that India was planning an air raid on suspected militant training camps, he said. Despite worries that India planned "to teach Pakistan a lesson, we wouldn't have gone—and... More »

Obama Camp: $30K Ring for Michelle Is Bogus

Reports of thank-you bling from president-elect greatly exaggerated

(Newser) - Reports earlier today that Barack Obama is spending $30,000 on a thank-you ring for wife Michelle are false, the president-elect’s camp tells Politico. Britain’s Daily Mail quoted a spokesman for Italian jeweler Giovanni Bosco as saying Obama had contacted the company about getting the bling in time... More »

LA Times Apologizes for Diddy-Tupac Story

Paper admits it was based on fake FBI documents from con man

(Newser) - The Los Angeles Times today admitted the paper was duped in its story alleging that Sean "Diddy" Combs was connected to the 1994 murder of fellow rapper Tupac Shakur. The reporter and editor responsible for the story apologized and said parts of it were based on FBI records that... More »

6 Stories