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Aloe Vera Gel at Big Drugstores Is Missing Key Ingredient

Lab tests find no trace of aloe vera

(Newser) - Tests conducted on the aloe vera gels sold by some of America's biggest retailers failed to detect any trace of the ingredient you would most expect to find in a product calling itself aloe vera gel. Bloomberg says the lab it hired to test aloe vera products from Walmart,... More »

Walgreen Makes Huge Overseas Play

Will buy 45% stake in Alliance Boots for $6.7B

(Newser) - Walgreen looks to have its sights set on being more than just America's largest drugstore chain. Like, perhaps, the world's... It today announced that it has acquired a 45% stake in the UK's Alliance Boots at a cost of $6.7 billion in cash and stock, with... More »

Posh New Walgreens Offers Humidor, Manicures, Sushi

...and eyebrow shaping, juice bar, fine wine, frozen yogurt, and more, to Chicagoans

(Newser) - Walgreens: the place where you buy aspirin and razors, right? Not if you live in Chicago. A 27,350-square-foot, two-story store is set to open in the city's Loop tomorrow, and oh, what an upscale drugstore it is. Shoppers will be able to serve themselves frozen yogurt, pick up... More »

Drugstore Cowboy Author Busted in Pharmacy Robbery

At 73 'this is probably all he knows'

(Newser) - Drugstore Cowboy author James Fogle is back in jail after taking yet another page out his own book. The author, whose book about his life of robbing pharmacies to feed his drug addiction became a 1989 movie starring Matt Dillon, was arrested this week for robbing a Seattle-area pharmacy. "... More »

Walgreens to Wait on Cheap Genetic Tests

FDA: No proof kits are safe, effective

(Newser) - Drugstore giant Walgreen Co. will hold off selling over-the-counter genetic tests. The company announced Tuesday that the kits would be on shelves this month, but reversed the decision after a stiff response from regulators. "These kits have not been proven safe, effective, or accurate," an FDA rep said.... More »

Drugstores Will Sell Genetic Tests

Possibly illegal product reveals risk of disease

(Newser) - Soon, you may be able to pick up a genetic testing kit at your local drugstore. A San Diego company has made a deal to sell its new Insight test at Walgreens locations across the country, promising consumers a look at their risk for Alzheimer's, breast cancer, diabetes, and more.... More »

Target Will Pay Shoppers to Bring Their Own Bags

Large retailers join smaller niche stores to offer rebates for reusing

(Newser) - Target and CVS will reward customers for using reusable shopping bags, and the efforts could take a billion plastic bags out of circulation. Though some retailers—notably Wal-Mart—have been slow to hop on the eco bandwagon, initiatives at smaller chains such as Whole Foods and Trader Joe's have met... More »

Determine Your Daddy—at the Drugstore

Do-it-yourself paternity kits now on sale nationwide for $30

(Newser) - The sometimes vexing task of determining a child's father can now be solved by plunking down $29.99 at the local drugstore. A Utah company has expanded sales of its do-it-yourself DNA kit to Rite Aids in 30 states after sales soared in sample markets, MSNBC reports. Identigene of Salt... More »

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