Stop-loss policy

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Troops Ignoring $324M in Unclaimed Backpay

Many believe it's too good to be true

(Newser) - The government is trying—really hard—to dole out $324 million in no-strings-attached money to military troops, but many have yet to apply for their share of the free cash. About 145,000 troops who were involuntarily kept on duty under the military’s controversial “stop-loss” policy , which was... More »

Stop-Loss Earnest But Flawed

Movie about Iraq war loses steam stateside

(Newser) - While some critics are calling Stop-Loss, Kimberly Peirce’s long-awaited Boys Don’t Cry follow-up, earnest and, at times, riveting, none of them seem to see it as the definitive Iraq war film. But the picture, about some GIs who’ve completed their tours of duty only to be told... More »

2 Stories