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Lazy Eye? Blame Justin Bieber Hair

Hair in the eye could cause vision problems: optometrist

(Newser) - That hair-hanging-over-the-eye style so popular with Justin Bieber wannabes and emo kids alike may not be such a great idea: An expert described by Australia’s Daily Telegraph as a “leading optometrist” claims the haircut could cause amblyopia, commonly known as lazy eye. "If a young emo chap... More »

A Decade of Hipsters

From the Emo to the Meta-Nerd, check 'em here

(Newser) - The 2000s have been the decade of plenty of things, hipsters included. Paste undertakes a study of their evolution, from 2000 to the present:
  • 2000: The Emo. “Proto-hipster” finds guyliner and a white belt a “soulful combination.”
  • 2001: The Emo Redux. You’ll see a theme in
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Russia Goes After Emo

Fearing for teens, Duma debates legislation to outlaw fashion, monitor websites

(Newser) - Fearing a threat to the wellbeing of its youth, the Russian Duma is going after what it sees as Public Enemy No. 1—emo.  Lawmakers are debating legislation to ban all signs of emo culture—an offshoot of punk music—from schools and government buildings, the Guardian reports. Lawmakers... More »

Mexico's Emo Teens Under Fire

They're being attacked in the streets by other youth subcultures

(Newser) - An ugly clash of cultures is surfacing in Mexico with so-called emo teenagers being viciously beaten in big cities across the country, Wired reports. In one well-publicized attack north of Mexico City, an 800-strong mob—made up of punk fans and ordinary working-class teens—beat up a handful of long-haired,... More »

5 Actors Who Rock 'Stink Chic'

Poor personal hygiene, grooming, and dress habits don't stop paychecks coming

(Newser) - Clean-cut is so five years ago. Today, it’s all about the “stink chic” of rumpled clothes and unwashed bods, MSNBC reports. Its top five actors who look like they smell bad:
  1. Colin Farrell: The butt always dangling from his mouth is just icing on his greasy-hair-scraggly-beard-creased-clothes cake.
  2. Matthew
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5 Stories