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Hollywood Strike Talk Might Be Just an Act

As June 30 deadline looms, insiders aren't sure actors will walk

(Newser) - Uncertainty still reigns in Hollywood as the largest actors union, the Screen Actors Guild, faces a pair of tough choices, Variety reports. SAG could try to sabotage a deal reached by the smaller American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, and it will need to get its members to authorize... More »

Strike Fears Grow as SAG Talks End Without Deal

Actors' contract talks with studios shut down on bitter note

(Newser) - Fears of another big Hollywood strike mounted yesterday after strained talks between the studios and the Screen Actors Guild ended without a deal, the Los Angeles Times reports. Negotiations closed on a bitter note after studio representatives walked away, calling the actors' demands unreasonable. "We wanted to stay in... More »

TV Actors Guild Splits from SAG

More moderate sister union will negotiate on its own

(Newser) - In a move that will complicate upcoming negotiations between actors and Hollywood studios, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists split yesterday from the Screen Actors Guild, its sister union for 27 years. AFTRA shares more than half of its members with SAG, but its more moderate contract goals... More »

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