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Airport Overnights Take Off as Hotel Vouchers Vanish

Hotel vouchers have been lost in transit

(Newser) - Stranded passengers are finding ways to settle in for the night at airport terminals as hotel vouchers become a thing of the past in the cash-strapped airline business, the New York Times reports. Frequent fliers advise terminal sleepers to bring something soft to sleep on and to stock up on... More »

Supermodel Campbell Owns Up to Air Rage

Famous face may draw 6 months for kicking, spitting

(Newser) - Naomi Campbell pleaded guilty today to kicking and spitting at two police officers during an April "air rage" incident at Heathrow Airport. The short-tempered supermodel went ballistic when a bag was misplaced during the epic delays surrounding the opening of a new terminal. She faces 6 months in prison... More »

Capital Ambition Feeds Beijing's Building Boom

China developing reputation as architectural showcase

(Newser) - The new Terminal 3 at Beijing airport—the largest building in the world—is not only the gateway for visitors streaming into the Chinese capital for this summer's Olympics. It's also the capstone for an unprecedented building program that has transformed Beijing into a world-scale architectural showcase. The New York ... More »

Glitzy Heathrow Terminal a Destination Unto Itself

Tiffany's, 42 restaurants, and a booze-friendly cinema

(Newser) - Heathrow’s new terminal has hit such turbulence with its opening that it may seem an odd time to sing its praises. But once the delays and lost luggage are solved, this massive addition, designed to eradicate the “Heathrow hassle,” will lure fliers with plenty of perks, reports... More »

4 Stories