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British Artist Stranded at Sea After Shipping Firm Collapses

Rebecca Moss calls it 'completely ironic'

(Newser) - When British artist Rebecca Moss set out to sea for a 23-day adventure last month, it was to to "explore the comedic potential of the clash between mechanical systems and nature," as the Guardian puts it. Little did she know just how real things were about to get.... More »

Cranky Costa Allegra Passengers Return to Shore

Cruise-gone-wrong full of overflowing toilets, and very hot

(Newser) - The passengers of the Costa Allegra are back on dry land today, and while their voyage didn't end as tragically as the Costa Concordia, let's just say it wasn't the paradise they envisioned. "The toilets were running over, there was no electricity. It was very hot,... More »

Bankrupt Air Australia Strands Thousands

Ticket holders may not get refunds

(Newser) - An Australian airline has gone bankrupt—leaving some 4,000 passengers stranded in spots like Indonesia and Hawaii. "It currently appears that there are no funds available to meet operational expenses so flights will be suspended immediately," Air Australia and its new administrators said today, according to CNN... More »

United Computers Crash, Strand Thousands

Airline blames 'network connectivity'

(Newser) - United Airlines said Saturday that a computer glitch that grounded flights nationwide and left some passengers stranded overnight had been fixed. The airline blamed the problem on "a network connectivity issue" and said it was in the process of resuming normal operations. But the airline also indicated passengers may... More »

Airlines' Crowded Planes Slow Storm Recovery

Passenger jets flying at record 82% capacity this year

(Newser) - When a blizzard the size of this week's arrives on the scene, air travel is going to suffer . But Nate Silver points out something else that's contributing to the slow recovery: airlines are flying with more passengers these days. Through September, "load factors on domestic flights—essentially the percentage... More »

Travelers Still Stranded as Airports Struggle With Snow

Flights slowly resume, but some could be stuck days

(Newser) - The Northeast struggled for the second day to dig itself out from the weekend’s blizzard today, as travelers around the country cursed the snow. Though all three major New York airports have begun accepting flights again, the three have amongst them canceled a total of almost 1,500 flights,... More »

Stranded Cruise: Foul Odors, Feces, Cabins Like Coffins

But some passengers say it was kinda fun

(Newser) - None of the passengers on the stranded Carnival Splendor report tales of true horror—for all the disappointment and inconvenience, their basic needs were met. But the experience could still be harrowing at times, with spoiled food giving off foul odors, and completely dark decks that made the cabins feel... More »

Cruise Ship Passengers Back on Land

At least they'll have a story to tell

(Newser) - Contender for quote of the day: “Thank you for your understanding, and we hope you come back real soon.” That's what passengers aboard the Carnival Splendor heard over the ship's loudspeaker after they got towed into port in San Diego and began disembarking this afternoon, reports the Los ... More »

Life on a Stranded Cruise Ship

Spam, Pop-Tarts, and blackjack are standard fare

(Newser) - While tugboats pull a stranded cruise ship to San Diego, its 4,500 passengers are safe, the Wall Street Journal reports—but their experience has been a bit less posh than expected. Here's what their cruise home consists of:
  • They may not get to eat lobster tails, but there’s
... More »

Stranded Maid Dies of Stress After 5 Nights in Airport

Authorities pass the blame in death of woman who lost passport

(Newser) - An Indian maid died of what doctors say was a stress-induced heart attack after being forced to spend five nights sleeping in a transit area at Oman's Muscat airport. The 40-year-old lost her passport on a connecting flight between Oman and Qatar, and she was sent back to Oman instead... More »

Airline Blames Customs for Stranded Flyers

Virgin says feds threatened arrests if passengers got off

(Newser) - Well somebody's lying: Virgin Atlantic says it had to keep passengers on a hot airplane for 4 hours on the tarmac because a Customs official demanded it, reports AP . The pilot says he called upon landing at the Connecticut airport and was told passengers would be arrested if they disembarked... More »

Cold Strands 4 Trains Under English Channel

Eurostar cites 'severe problems,' sends rescue

(Newser) - Four passenger trains—and some 2,000 passengers—are stuck in the tunnel underneath the English Channel, due to “severe problems” caused by the combination of unseasonable cold outside and the warm air inside. At least three were bound from Paris to London, AFP reports, and, says a Eurostar... More »

Airlines Fined for Stranding Flyers on Tarmac

Dunne 175K for locking passengers on delayed flight

(Newser) - Three airlines have landed $175,000 in federal fines for stranding 47 passengers in a locked plane on a Minnesota tarmac overnight. The passengers were stuck on a Continental Airlines plane—without a working toilet—after crewmembers were told that passengers couldn't disembark because security staff had left for the... More »

'Imprisoned' Cruise Ship Passengers Threaten Revolt

Passengers trapped on board after repairs delay round-the-word voyage

(Newser) - Furious British cruise ship passengers on a $12,000 around-the-world voyage threatened mutiny yesterday unless they're allowed to disembark to visit ports. Some 600 passengers on the Aurora have only been allowed to visit three cities in 22 days after the 76,000-ton ship was held up for repairs. Passengers,... More »

Manners Killed Titanic's Brits as Yanks Fled: Study

British were more likely to line up for lifeboats, researcher contends

(Newser) - British passengers aboard the Titanic were most likely to die because their sense of propriety inclined them to line up for lifeboats while Americans elbowed past to save themselves, claims an Australian researcher who is studying how people react in life-threatening disasters. Americans were 8.5% more likely than other... More »

Outage Strands 173 on Singapore Ferris Wheel

545-foot-tall ride is world's largest; no serious injuries reported

(Newser) - 173 passengers on the world’s largest observation wheel were stuck for 6 hours today when a fire caused the Singapore Flyer to lose power, AFP reports. 10 of the stranded sightseers were lowered to safety in harnesses, while the rest waited for electricity to return. Its manager said some... More »

Airport Overnights Take Off as Hotel Vouchers Vanish

Hotel vouchers have been lost in transit

(Newser) - Stranded passengers are finding ways to settle in for the night at airport terminals as hotel vouchers become a thing of the past in the cash-strapped airline business, the New York Times reports. Frequent fliers advise terminal sleepers to bring something soft to sleep on and to stock up on... More »

Flight Grounded Over Irate Passengers

Passenger boos too much for one American Airlines flight crew

(Newser) - The passengers of an American Airlines flight from Miami to New York on Sunday night probably thought the worst was over when their flight crew finally arrived at the gate an hour late. But angry passengers greeted them with boos and, according to some accounts,  obscenities. The crew responded... More »

Thousands Stuck as Asian Budget Airline Folds

Hong Kong airline becomes 4th carrier to go bust this month

(Newser) - Thousands of passengers have been stranded in Hong Kong, London, and Vancouver with the collapse of Asian budget airline Oasis, the New York Times reports. In a sign that the industry's woes are spreading rapidly, the Hong Kong-based airline joins three US budget carriers to have gone under this month... More »

Chaos Continues at Heathrow

Hundreds of volunteer staffers work to sort out baggage crisis

(Newser) - Hundreds of volunteer British Airways staffers spent their day off yesterday helping to return some of the 15,000 pieces of luggage lost when the state-of-the-art baggage system failed at the airline's new terminal at London's Heathrow airport last week. Scores of tech specialists have also been deployed to fix... More »

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