Open Skies Agreement

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BA, American Hope 3rd Time Is the Charm

Carriers predict US antitrust approval for alliance first aired in '96

(Newser) - American Airlines and British Airways are making a third stab at a joint business agreement—and this time, reports the New York Times, the deal might actually go through. American, BA, and the Spanish carrier Iberia are applying for antitrust approval to form a global network. The CEO of American's... More »

Chaos Continues at Heathrow

Hundreds of volunteer staffers work to sort out baggage crisis

(Newser) - Hundreds of volunteer British Airways staffers spent their day off yesterday helping to return some of the 15,000 pieces of luggage lost when the state-of-the-art baggage system failed at the airline's new terminal at London's Heathrow airport last week. Scores of tech specialists have also been deployed to fix... More »

2 Stories