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Man Accused of Breaking In, Then a 'Dirt-Baggish' Move

Cops say Matthew Robert Paul rented out home that wasn't his while owners were vacationing

(Newser) - With a fireplace and a deck overlooking the bay, the home on Hermosa Beach Road was a desirable rental—so much so that a man who didn't even own the Marysville, Wash., home rented it out. KIRO 7 reports 35-year-old Matthew Robert Paul (or "Ryan," as the... More »

Airbnb Sues Its Hometown

Company says San Francisco rental registration ordinance is confusing, unconstitutional

(Newser) - Airbnb has filed a lawsuit alleging its First Amendment rights have been violated and that rules surrounding a new city ordinance flout federal protection for internet companies, and its target is its own hometown, the Los Angeles Times reports. The ordinance in question was passed unanimously earlier this month by... More »

These NYC Apartments Offer Little Privacy, Free Beer

WeLive communal spaces available for $1,375 monthly

(Newser) - Sleeping behind a curtain in Manhattan is now as affordable as $1,375 per month. The WeWork team known for communal work spaces has just launched a building of communal living spaces in New York City's Financial District where rent starts at $1,375 monthly. That price will get... More »

San Francisco Vote Looms Large Over Airbnb's Future

Prop F would limit short-term rentals to 75 days per year

(Newser) - San Francisco residents are heading to the polls Tuesday to vote on a number of propositions, but the one getting the most attention is Proposition F—essentially a referendum on hometown tech company Airbnb. If passed, Proposition F would limit short-term rentals through Airbnb and other rental sites like HomeAway,... More »

Wall Street's Latest Gambit Might Re-Wreck the Economy

Salon's David Dayen: Massive home-rental scheme is dangerous

(Newser) - Remember the phrase "mortgage-backed securities" and stories about how they helped send the economy into a tailspin? Well, Wall Street has a new and not-so-improved version, this time involving rental homes, writes David Dayen at Salon . Private equity firms such as Blackstone have been buying as many single-family homes... More »

Wall Street May Soon Be Your Landlord

Fannie Mae mulls bulk sales that would turn homes into rentals

(Newser) - Wall Street firms may soon have a new gig: landlord. A number of them are looking into getting directly involved in real estate, buying up foreclosed properties from Fannie Mae in bulk, reports the Wall Street Journal . They couldn't then flip the houses—per the deal, they would rent... More »

10 Reasons to Buy a House

Housing market gloom is over-hyped

(Newser) - Has the housing crisis scared you out of the market? Too bad, because there are still many good reasons to buy, writes Brett Arends in the Wall Street Journal . A few points to consider before hopping on the first train to rents-ville:
  • You could get a deal: Prices are down—
... More »

Some Like it Haute— and Cheap

'Netflix rental scheme' delivers high-fashion frocks

(Newser) - Budget-minded entrepreneurs are utilizing the strategy of Netflix in high fashion. Now working girls can afford some of the priciest haute couture frocks by renting them on the Internet. The new mail-order service, Rent the Runway , allows shop-aholics to rent top designer fashions for a tenth of their retail cost.... More »

Exurbs, Once Meccas for Homeowners, Now for Rent

Economy trumps plans for thriving communities

(Newser) - Not long ago, the exurbs were were among the fastest-growing parts of the country, drawing people seeking to own affordable homes on sizable pieces of property. But after waves of foreclosures and soaring unemployment, more and more people are turning to renting. Renting keeps landlords afloat, but it also drives... More »

In DC, Rash of Wary Tux Renters Ahead of Inaugural

(Newser) - Uninitiated DC men are scrambling to procure tuxedos for the inauguration, and they, luckily, have a few seasoned resources, the Washington Post reports. While inveterate ball-goers frequent Brooks Brothers and such, a younger class of invitees is flocking to the capital’s rental shops, where veteran tailors calm their jitters.... More »

Are Dog-Sharing Plans Cruel?

Practice, for pay or between neighbors, catching on; Boston bans renting pooches

(Newser) - Faced with a desire for a dog but lacking the ability to care for one full-time, some are turning to dog-sharing programs—though others say the idea is unhealthy for man’s best friend, the Wall Street Journal reports. “From a social standpoint,” programs like Flexpetz, which arranges... More »

Why Buy a Bag You Can Rent?

Bag and jewelry rental businesses capitalize on economic downturn

(Newser) - The economic downturn has fueled a surge in leased luxury goods, Portfolio reports. A small membership fee or monthly payment enables designer addicts to rent It-bags and other high-end accessories at businesses like From Bags to Riches. "Instead of owning an asset you can just buy the experience,"... More »

Office Rents Soar in US

Companies are bearing the brunt of a price surge for commercial leases

(Newser) - The price of office space has surged nationwide due to a dwindling store of vacant commercial property and picky landlords increasingly keen on attracting well-heeled tenants. Across the country, leases spiked an average of 3.1% in the second quarter, following an increase of 2.8% in the first. More »

Blockbuster Bets on Blu-Ray

It's Betamax all over again as rental giant abandons rival HD DVD format

(Newser) - Movie rental giant Blockbuster picked sides today in the hotly contested battle over high-definition DVDs. Starting in July, Blockbuster will buy all of its new high-def DVDs in Sony's Blu-ray format, a damaging blow to rival Toshiba's HD DVD, which the rental company had stocked jointly until now. More »

Apple Courts Studios for Rental Rights

At $3 a pop, 30-day movie loans will pit computer giant against cable, satellite

(Newser) - Apple is buttering up top movie studios as it prepares to launch a video-on-demand service to contend with cable and satellite companies. Apple plans to offer each movie as a 30-day rental for $2.99, and it's telling studios the term of lease means they won't take a hit on... More »

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