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Supermodel Campbell Owns Up to Air Rage

Famous face may draw 6 months for kicking, spitting

(Newser) - Naomi Campbell pleaded guilty today to kicking and spitting at two police officers during an April "air rage" incident at Heathrow Airport. The short-tempered supermodel went ballistic when a bag was misplaced during the epic delays surrounding the opening of a new terminal. She faces 6 months in prison... More »

Heathrow Boss Flies the Coop

Under fire from legislators, airlines for disastrous Terminal 5 opening, Bullock quits

(Newser) - Mark Bullock, managing director of London's Heathrow airport, has stepped down in the wake of the disastrous opening of the airport's new terminal. Hundreds of flights were canceled after the March 27 debut of Terminal 5, due to a malfunctioning baggage-handling system, the Guardian reports. London Underground chief Mark Brown... More »

Heathrow Fiasco a 'National Embarrassment'

British Airways reeling as terminal chaos continues

(Newser) - The chaos is continuing at Heathrow's brand-new Terminal 5, with one British politician slamming the fiasco as a "national embarrassment," the Daily Telegraph reports. More than 50 flights were canceled yesterday and British Airways admitted that the mountain of stranded baggage contained as many as 28,000 bags,... More »

Chaos Continues at Heathrow

Hundreds of volunteer staffers work to sort out baggage crisis

(Newser) - Hundreds of volunteer British Airways staffers spent their day off yesterday helping to return some of the 15,000 pieces of luggage lost when the state-of-the-art baggage system failed at the airline's new terminal at London's Heathrow airport last week. Scores of tech specialists have also been deployed to fix... More »

Glitzy Heathrow Terminal a Destination Unto Itself

Tiffany's, 42 restaurants, and a booze-friendly cinema

(Newser) - Heathrow’s new terminal has hit such turbulence with its opening that it may seem an odd time to sing its praises. But once the delays and lost luggage are solved, this massive addition, designed to eradicate the “Heathrow hassle,” will lure fliers with plenty of perks, reports... More »

Heathrow Mess Will Ripple Well Into Weekend

Reeling new Terminal 5 far short of capacity, but full of irate travelers

(Newser) - Logistical disasters continued today at Heathrow airport's new Terminal 5—and flight cancellations, delays and luggage losses will likely continue all weekend, the Times of London reports. British Airways, the facility's sole airline, said it hoped to run 80% of planned flights today, the terminal's second. "I am a... More »

Breakdown Snarls New Heathrow Terminal

New terminal opens with baggage meltdown, dozens of cancellations

(Newser) - The gleaming new Terminal 5 at Heathrow airport had a disastrous opening yesterday as its state-of-the-art baggage handling facility crashed and 34 flights were canceled. British Airways, the only airline flying out of the new terminal, suspended baggage check-in by the afternoon, and arriving passengers were forced to wait up... More »

7 Stories