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Netflix Is for 'Blobby People'

(Newser) - Like 10.6 million Americans, Time film critic Richard Corliss has a subscription to Netflix, which sends everything from Bollywood megamusicals to BBC miniseries to his mailbox. "No question," Corliss admits, "Netflix serves a need"—it's super cheap and stocked with titles. But the DVD delivery... More »

After Beating Back HD DVD, Blu-Ray Hardly in Clear

Satellite, cable, internet offers enough HD options to keep buyers on fence

(Newser) - Blu-ray might have won the battle against Toshiba’s HD DVD, but it may still be losing the high-definition war as it is forced to compete with other sources of HD content, the Wall Street Journal reports. With cable and satellite TV providers offering more HD channels and video-on-demand services,... More »

Amazon's On-Demand Video Good, Not Great: Mossberg

Streaming service works well; selection could be better

(Newser) - Amazon’s new Video on Demand service works well, Walter Mossberg writes in the Wall Street Journal, although the selection of titles could be better. The service allows users to individually purchase movies and TV to stream, with most rentals lasting 24 hours. The videos are stored on an Amazon... More »

DirecTV to Get With Times, Add On-Demand

Satellite service will combine DVR, web streaming to deliver it

(Newser) - Challenged by cable and phone-company competitors, DirecTV will offer video-on-demand for the first time, a combination of DVR and broadband-connected content with significant limitations. Because the biggest satellite-TV provider doesn’t use terrestrial connections, it’s been long unable to offer instant play options. Its new plan will store some... More »

Apple Courts Studios for Rental Rights

At $3 a pop, 30-day movie loans will pit computer giant against cable, satellite

(Newser) - Apple is buttering up top movie studios as it prepares to launch a video-on-demand service to contend with cable and satellite companies. Apple plans to offer each movie as a 30-day rental for $2.99, and it's telling studios the term of lease means they won't take a hit on... More »

5 Stories