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LA Times Insider Launches Anti-Zell Blog

Anonymous journo bashes paper's owner as heads keep rolling

(Newser) - Heads continue to roll at the Tribune Company, but one staffer is aiming to prove the pen is mightier than Sam Zell's ax, reports the New York Times, with new blog The site is airing the gripes of Tribune's disgruntled journalists, and is finding plenty of fodder—from... More »

Feds Lift Ban on IBM Contracts

IBM withdraws protest of lost EPA contract

(Newser) - The government Thursday lifted a week-old ban that prevented IBM from competing for new federal contracts. In exchange, IBM agreed to withdraw its protest of an $84 million contract with the EPA it lost last year, and to refund any attorney fees and costs the Government Accountability Office paid to... More »

IBM Banned from Gov't Contracts

Big Blue probed over alleged insider info that led to fat EPA deals

(Newser) - A US Attorney in Virginia has temporarily barred IBM from pursuing new government contracts while it investigates three 2006 IBM contracts with the EPA, MarketWatch reports. "The basic issue is whether certain information concerning a contract should have been provided to IBM employees by an EPA employee," said... More »

3 Stories