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An Octopus Birth, Then a Surprise Burst of Color

Video by Virginia Aquarium viewed 2.4M times

(Newser) - It happens almost in the blink of an eye. A colorless creature pops from a bundle of eggs, turns a brownish-purple hue, and swims away. It's a rare sight now witnessed by millions, thanks to the Virginia Aquarium, which shared a video of the Caribbean reef octopus's birth... More »

Coral-Filled Tanks Are Gorgeous, Have a Dark Side

If certain zoanthid corals are present, that is

(Newser) - Home aquariums used to pretty much be for fish only. That changed with the advent of LED lights, which allow hobbyists to replicate a tropical sun indoors—without boiling the water in the tank. And so a new industry boomed: A subset of aquarium hobbyists—often called "reefers"—... More »

'Apocalypse': Tenn. Wildfires Force Aquarium to Leave 10K Animals

Flames threaten Ripley's, Dollywood as much-needed rain finally falls

(Newser) - One of at least 14 wildfires raging in Gatlinburg, Tenn., is threatening thousands of animals at Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies. Flames engulfed at least 30 buildings in the area late Monday—including a 16-story hotel outside the Dollywood theme park in Pigeon Forge—leading aquarium employees to be... More »

Stingray Kills Aquarium Worker

Philip Chan, 62, was helping transfer Singapore sea creatures to new homes

(Newser) - In what police are calling the first death of its kind in Singapore, a longtime professional diver was killed by a stingray Tuesday at a shuttered aquarium, the BBC and Reuters report. Philip Chan, 62, who'd worked at Underwater World since it opened its doors in 1991, was the... More »

The 'Holy Grail of Ornamental Fish' Is Disappearing

Experts believe the Banggai cardinalfish only has a few years left in the wild

(Newser) - The Banggai cardinalfish—the "holy grail of ornamental fish"—may soon disappear from the wild due to its popularity in aquariums, according to an in-depth piece from National Geographic . The tiny fish lives only in a 9-square-mile area of Indonesia, and yet fishermen were catching at least 2,... More »

'World's Saddest Polar Bear' Lives in Chinese Mall

Activists want it closed

(Newser) - His name is Pizza and he lives in a Chinese mall where visitors pose for selfies next to his glass enclosure and knock loudly to get his attention. Such is life when you're the "world's saddest polar bear," per the Daily Express . Pizza , a polar bear... More »

National Aquarium Moving Its Dolphins to Sanctuary

8 will head to seaside facility by end of 2020

(Newser) - Baltimore's National Aquarium says it will send its eight dolphins to "the nation's first seaside dolphin sanctuary" before the end of 2020 amid increasing pressure from animal activists. The animals will live out their lives in the outdoor facility, which has not been built, but will still... More »

Sleep Next to 35 Sharks With Airbnb

Contest winners will spend night in Paris aquarium's shark tank

(Newser) - Why swim with sharks when you can sleep with them instead? Three lucky couples will get that chance: Those who submit the best essay on why they deserve to sleep next to sharks will win a free one-night stay for two in a transparent bedroom suspended at the center of... More »

Lady Shark Gobbles Male Roomie in One Gulp

Sand tiger shark eats smaller male in South Korea

(Newser) - A female shark paid her male roommate the ultimate insult Thursday in a South Korean aquarium: She ate the guy. And when the aquarium reopened Friday, only his tail was sticking out of her mouth. It's unclear why the seven-foot-long sand tiger shark slowly ate the smaller male at... More »

Aquarium Teaches Asthmatic Otter to Use Inhaler

Mishka's trainers at Seattle Aquarium are trying to make it fun

(Newser) - The Seattle Aquarium has diagnosed a sea otter with asthma and is training the animal to use an inhaler. KING-TV reports Dr. Lesanna Lahner diagnosed the otter, named Mishka, after she was having trouble breathing when smoke from wildfires was in the Seattle area. "These lungs ... have more white... More »

Mislabeled Chemical Blamed in Aquarium Die-Off

14% of Texas State Aquarium's population killed

(Newser) - Aquarium workers thought they were treating tanks at the Texas State Aquarium with trichlorfon, a chemical that can be safely used to deal with a parasite that had invaded the tanks. But fish soon began dying , and now the aquarium's CEO says "preliminary results indicate that it was... More »

How One Aquarium Is Helping Penguins Get Frisky

New England Aquarium giving them 'honeymoon suites'

(Newser) - The New England Aquarium wants its endangered African penguins to get a little steamy. Aquarium experts are playing matchmaker behind the scenes to encourage eight pairs of African penguins to breed more chicks. Biologists say that will help a population that's expected to be extinct in the wild by... More »

Texas Aquarium Accidentally Kills Scores of Fish

They think a chemical added to water to kill parasite may be behind deaths

(Newser) - "A truly sad fluke." That's how spokesman Richard E. Glover Jr. describes this week's events at the Texas State Aquarium, where nearly all the fish held in its two largest indoor tanks died following an effort to rid their waters of a "particularly difficult" parasite.... More »

Rare Ray Killed in Aquarium Mating Gone Wrong

Male shark ray bites female in the abdomen

(Newser) - A "freakish" mating accident cost the life of a rare shark ray, just days after a Cincinnati-area aquarium acquired her, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports. The unnamed female, who arrived at the Newport Aquarium on July 17, was apparently killed when a male attempted to mate with her, a process... More »

Shark-Filled Aquarium Shatters on Shoppers

Officials blame aging materials for dramatic Shanghai accident

(Newser) - A 33.5-ton aquarium housing sharks, fish, and turtles burst in a Shanghai shopping mall last week, injuring 16 people as it sprayed shoppers with broken glass, water, and marine animals, reports the Telegraph . A video just now made available shows the tank rupture without warning, sending pieces of 6-inch-thick... More »

Zoo Dolphin Dies in Accident

Dolphins were playing when 'freak' accident occurred, say trainers

(Newser) - A freak dolphin collision at an Illinois aquarium killed a young female, reports ABC News . Trainers did not see what happened, but say the dolphins were playing when they heard a "pop" just before an afternoon show earlier this week. They rushed the 4-year-old bottlenose dolphin into a medical... More »

Cover Up Floated in Octopus Death

Paul, we hardly knew ye

(Newser) - No sooner had Paul the psychic octopus died than the conspiracy theories started rolling in. Some believe the hapless sea creature who predicted World Cup soccer winners with deadly accuracy actually died months ago and was replaced by a doppelganger because, well, he was a big celebrity and no one... More »

Introducing the $200K Home Aquarium

Some people, apparently, can still afford this stuff

(Newser) - Looking for the perfect final touch to trick out your Manhattan penthouse? Consider a 700-gallon, $200,000 aquarium. Such high-end systems are the new status symbol among the “what recession?” set, reports the New York Times . These aren’t your 50-gallon waiting room tanks: They can be 14½ feet... More »

Stray Penny, Pebbles Kill Baby Whale

Nala's airway became blocked at Vancouver Aquarium

(Newser) - Sad news from the Vancouver Aquarium: A baby beluga whale is dead after her airway became blocked by a buildup of debris including pebbles and a penny. The stones are part of the aquarium, but it's unclear how the penny got in there and why Nala wasn't able to expel... More »

Visitors Flee as Dubai Shark Tank Cracks

'Indoor ocean' springs a leak

(Newser) - A Dubai aquarium and shopping mall were evacuated yesterday when a mammoth shark tank cracked and gushed water in downtown Dubai. The 2.5 million gallon tank, promoted as an "indoor ocean," holds some 33,000 sea creatures, including hundreds of sharks. Workers carrying life jackets rushed to... More »

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