Allan Sloan

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Bailout Is Bad News for Savers

Banks get trillions, fixed-income investors get screwed: Sloan

(Newser) - Not fed up enough with just putting your taxpayer dollars directly on the line to bail out the nation’s banks? Allan Sloan has latched on to some insidious “collateral damage” from the government’s rescue plan, those trillions spent “to keep interest rates down to support the... More »

'Tinker Bell Market' Fallout Wallops Taxpayers

Built on the fairy dust of borrowed money, Wall Street was doomed to fall

(Newser) - Although he doesn't foresee long-term catastrophe, Allan Sloan of Fortune sounds an alarm in today's Washington Post, saying he's "more nervous about the world financial system now than I've ever been in my 40 years of covering business and markets." He dissects "the collapse of a Tinker... More »

2 Stories