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Sesame Street Sues Over Film With 'Ejaculating Puppets'

Trailer suggests Sesame's endorsement, suit claims

(Newser) - The first trailer for an R-rated movie starring Melissa McCarthy and a bunch of drug-sniffing, sex-crazed puppets notes it's "No Sesame. All Street." But the makers of Sesame Street aren't sure viewers will get the message. Sesame Workshop, which produces the kids show, is suing STX... More »

Toddlers' Sense of Justice Surprises Researchers

They're more interested in making things right than punishing wrongdoers

(Newser) - Preschool justice may be more developed than previously thought. So finds new research published in the journal Current Biology , where 3- and 5-year-olds observed two of four different scenes involving puppets, toys, and cookies. It turns out that not only did the kids sort out pretty quickly whether the "... More »

Ahead of RNC, Tampa Bans ... Puppets?

Protesters outraged

(Newser) - Political puppets are a time-honored tradition, and protesters gearing up for the Republican National Convention are dutifully creating some. There's just one problem: The city of Tampa has effectively banned puppets inside the event area. Well, technically, they've banned sticks, strings, and masks, the Tampa Bay Times reports,... More »

Singing Frog Helps Sell Arizona Law

Mocks foes of immigration measure who haven't read it

(Newser) - Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is teaming up with a singing frog against critics of the immigration law. At securetheborder.org , a site funded by the governor, the puppet sings about how "reading is really super swell" and pokes fun at opponents of the law who haven't actually read it.... More »

Colo. Town Censors Busty Avenue Q Puppet

Billboard firm decides puppet cleavage too racy for Colorado Springs

(Newser) - Avenue Q puppet Lucy the Slut is too slutty for the fine people of Colorado Springs, according to a local billboard company. The firm decided that a bus stop ad for the risque Broadway show which featured Lucy in a top revealing plenty of puppet cleavage "wasn't appropriate for... More »

Meet the Man Behind Elmo

No, he didn't always have that voice, and more from behind-the-scenes

(Newser) - When Kevin Clash does a live Sesame Street event, the kids “don’t know me from a hole in the wall and they don’t care to,” he tells Time . “I’m the guy holding their friend.” That friend would be Elmo, the furry red monster... More »

Ventriloquists Speak Up for Themselves

Well, maybe not. But the form is seeing more success these days

(Newser) - Ventriloquism has been on the outs since the '70s, but its fortunes are starting to turn, the Wall Street Journal reports. Symbolizing the resurgence of the vaudeville favorite is Terry Fator, a winner of NBC’s America’s Got Talent competition, who recently picked up a yearlong headlining gig at... More »

Puppet Kills Bush on Hamas Kids' Show

Prez punished for helping Israel

(Newser) - In its newest anti-American educational video, a Hamas children's show broadcast in Gaza shows a puppet of a young Palestinian boy killing President Bush. The boy stabs the president with "the sword of Islam" to punish him for helping Israel, the Daily Telegraph reports. "You and the criminal... More »

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