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Help Preschoolers Sleep: Turn Off SpongeBob

'Sesame Street' and 'Dora the Explorer' are better bets

(Newser) - If your preschooler can't sleep, it may be time to change the channel. A study published in today's Pediatrics says young kids sleep better when they avoid shows aimed at slightly older children, USA Today reports. Different programming brought "long-lasting, significant reductions in sleep problems," says... More »

Glenn Beck Launching Children's Show

Liberty Treehouse to debut on GBTV Monday

(Newser) - If you think Sesame Street is too left-wing, Glenn Beck agrees with you—and he's offering an alternative on his Internet channel GBTV. Beck won't be hosting Liberty Treehouse, which debuts Monday, but the hour-long show will share his channel's conservative sensibilities, and won't shy away... More »

Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood Spin-off Coming to PBS

'Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood' will feature original characters

(Newser) - Fred Rogers died in 2003, but Mister Rogers' Neighborhood will live on. PBS announced a new animated spin-off yesterday: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood will follow the four-year-old son of the series' original Tiger. The show will take place back in the familiar Neighborhood of Make Believe, and four-year-old Daniel Tiger... More »

Thomas the Tank Engine Is Sexist: Prof

Show OK for kids to watch, just tell them about Orwellian overtones

(Newser) - Not that you shouldn’t let your kids watch Thomas the Tank Engine or anything, but the show exhibits a “conservative political ideology” that “sidelines” female characters and discourages individuality. At least that’s the opinion of a Canadian political scientist who undertook a study of the classic... More »

SpongeBob at 10: Still Fun, Popular, and Inscrutable

(Newser) - SpongeBob SquarePants is 10 years old, and the “happy nonsense” of the show is “as popular as ever,” Alessandra Stanley writes in the New York Times. What’s more, the wacky, uncynical cartoon has managed to do it “without having disclosed any higher meaning to Bikini... More »

Relax, Parents: Tween Dora Still 'Wholesome'

New doll of beloved character had sparked short-skirt concerns

(Newser) - Dora the Explorer is getting a tween update in a new doll, which trades her baby fat for a more girly, urban look, Hispanic Business reports. After concerns were sparked by a silhouette preview of the doll sporting a very short dress, parents can breathe a sigh of relief: the... More »

PBS Unleashes Martha for Vocab Help

(Newser) - What if the family dog ate alphabet soup by mistake? Susan Meddaugh answered her 7-year-old son’s question by writing a book, Martha Speaks, which has now become a PBS show about the talking dog. PBS hopes it will teach challenging vocab—"diminish," "concoct," and "... More »

Muppets Spring Back to Life on YouTube

Appearance of Henson's famous puppets online has fans buzzing about comeback

(Newser) - The Muppets, largely in retirement since 1981, have been pussyfooting their way back into the spotlight via YouTube, France24 notes. In the past month, Sam the Eagle, the Swedish Chef, Beaker and others have set up accounts, uploading clips on a regular basis and sharing comments like "Meep meep... More »

Don't Expect Dora at Your Kid's Party

Copyright holders crack down on use of TV character costumes

(Newser) - Want to book Elmo for your kid’s birthday party? Better expect “Big Red Tickle Monster” instead, the Wall Street Journal reports. Corporations that control the use of children’s entertainment characters are targeting costume-rental services that offer unauthorized versions of their cash cows, resulting in lawsuits, grotesque lookalikes,... More »

Brit TV Star's Body Was in Rail Station 6 Days

Cops investigate why it took so long to discover the apparent suicide

(Newser) - A British TV celebrity's body was left hanging in London's Paddington station for six days, the London Times reports, in an apparent suicide. Mark Speight, 42, had been missing for a week and police are probing why it took so long for his body to be discovered. Speight was said... More »

Puppet Kills Bush on Hamas Kids' Show

Prez punished for helping Israel

(Newser) - In its newest anti-American educational video, a Hamas children's show broadcast in Gaza shows a puppet of a young Palestinian boy killing President Bush. The boy stabs the president with "the sword of Islam" to punish him for helping Israel, the Daily Telegraph reports. "You and the criminal... More »

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