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ACORN Inflated New Voter Count by 850K

Almost a third of its registrations have been rejected

(Newser) - The community organizing group ACORN and Project Vote's boast of having signed up 1.3 million new voters was off by 850,000, reports the New York Times. Just 450,000 of the registrations represent genuine new voters. Another 450,000 were already-registered voters who changed their address, and 400,... More »

Obama's General Election Plan: Sign Up Voters

Barack's massive registration drive could 'change the math'

(Newser) - Barack Obama's general-election strategy is to rejigger the electorate in his favor by signing up massive numbers of new voters—mainly young and African-American voters. Suspicious Dems point out that a similar effort failed John Kerry in 2004, but, reports Politico, there's legitimate reason to think Obama might be able... More »

2 Stories