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How Tom Brady's Trainer Could Destroy a Sports Dynasty

ESPN suggests 'end is near' for Brady, Belichick, and owner Kraft

(Newser) - With the NFL playoffs about to start, those who love to hate the New England Patriots will love to read a lengthy new ESPN story about trouble at the very top of the organization. The story by Seth Wickersham wonders whether this is "the beginning of the end" for... More »

Trump-Backing Owner Locks Arms With Players for Anthem

And Patriots owner Robert Kraft 'deeply disappointed' by his pal Trump

(Newser) - Patriots owner Robert Kraft kicked in $1 million toward Donald Trump's inaugural, gave the president a Super Bowl ring , and publicly confesses the two have long been friendly, reports CBS Sports . So if you expected Kraft to hold his silence while Trump took on NFL players who kneel during... More »

Another Brady Just Got a Super Bowl Ring

Team owner surprised cancer survivor Galynn Brady

(Newser) - Super Bowl LI went down as one of the biggest comebacks in the game’s history, but for New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, the significance of winning was compounded by a more personal matter. During the 2016 season, his mother Galynn Brady was undergoing treatment for cancer, reports NBC... More »

Patriots Owner: We Won't Appeal Deflategate Punishment

Robert Kraft says he 'reluctantly' realizes it's in everyone's best interests

(Newser) - Tom Brady filed an appeal just days after the league suspended him for four games over Deflategate —but the Patriots have given up and won't be fighting the league's punishment, CBS News reports. In a five-minute press conference today out of San Francisco, where the league is... More »

Putin: 'Stolen' Super Bowl Ring Was a Gift, OK?

Do not make him repeat it, either.

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin may be newly single (or not!) , but CNN reports that he's taking exception to New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft's assertion that he's got sticky fingers . The Russian president today denied pilfering Kraft's Super Bowl ring during his 2005 visit to St. Petersburg,... More »

Putin Stole My Super Bowl Ring: Patriots Owner

Says White House told him to say it was a gift

(Newser) - New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft says Vladimir Putin pilfered his Super Bowl ring. In a speech at Carnegie Hall’s Medal of Excellence gala, he recounted a meeting with the Russian president in 2005, the year the Patriots beat the Philadelphia Eagles: "I took out the ring and... More »

NFL Scores Ratings Touchdown

Recession keeps people on couch on Sunday

(Newser) - NFL ratings are through the roof this year, as the recession keeps fans on the couch on Sunday afternoons...and Sunday nights and Monday nights. Ratings are at a 20-year high, with an average 17.2 million watching each game. “The NFL and television are actually getting the so-called... More »

NFL Owners Tweak Rules at League Meeting

But reseeding playoff teams to give priority to best records is tabled

(Newser) - The NFL owners have tabled a proposal that would reseed the playoffs and allow wildcard teams to host a playoff game. Many didn’t support the motion because they feel division winners should be rewarded. "I do believe if you win a division, it's good for your fans to... More »

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