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IMF: Ireland Should Cut Taxes—for Women

'Sexist' plan slammed as austerity budget unveiled

(Newser) - The International Monetary Fund has proposed a range of measures to help Ireland restore its economy to health and some Irishmen are finding one in particular hard to swallow. The IMF recommends that the country cut income tax rates by 5%—for women only. Economists say this would boost the... More »

Irish Government Collapses After Bailout Deal

Brian Cowen says he will call election after budget passed

(Newser) - The bailout deal that Ireland's government reluctantly agreed to over the weekend has come too late to save at least one Irishman's job. Prime Minister Brian Cowen's ruling coalition has fallen apart and he has promised to dissolve the government after the country's 2011 budget is passed in December, the... More »

Ireland: OK, OK, We'll Take the Bailout

'It will happen, absolutely,' says Central Bank governor

(Newser) - Ireland finally dropped the denial act today, with central bank chief Patrick Honohan saying that, yes, fine, the country would take a bailout from Europe and the IMF. “It is my expectation that will happen, absolutely,” he said. “It will be a large loan, because the purpose... More »

Irish Prime Minister: I Wasn't Drunk In Interview

But opposition says that's how he sounded

(Newser) - You know it probably wasn't the interview of your life if rivals call you out for having been smashed while giving it, but Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen says he was not—repeat was not—drunk during a live radio interview yesterday morning. The rumor started when an opposition party... More »

Furious, Irish Beg France for Rematch Over Handball

President will even take matter up with Sarkozy

(Newser) - From the president on down, the Republic of Ireland is in a rage after the national soccer team was denied a spot in next year’s World Cup in a defeat by France—which got the winning goal as a direct benefit of an uncalled handball. Not only is the... More »

All Living Presidents Will Attend Kennedy's Funeral

(Newser) - All four living former presidents will attend Ted Kennedy’s invitation-only funeral, the Boston Herald reports. President Obama will also be there, breaking off his Martha’s Vineyard vacation to deliver a eulogy. Gordon Brown also plans to attend, as will Irish PM Brian Cowen. “Sen. Kennedy is being... More »

EU Reform in Peril As Ireland Votes No

Brussels plunged into chaos after referendum fails

(Newser) - Ireland has rejected the Treaty of Lisbon, dashing years of effort to reform the European Union. The Irish Times cites preliminary reports that the "no" vote has prevailed with about 52%, won mainly among rural and urban working class areas. The ruling and opposition parties both supported the treaty,... More »

'Celtic Tiger' Has a Thorn in Its Paw

Ahern's heir inherits an Ireland whose boom is behind it

(Newser) - In his 11 years as Ireland's prime minister, Bertie Ahern presided over explosive economic growth that earned the once-moribund nation the nickname "Celtic Tiger." But his presumptive successor, finance minister Brian Cowen, is inheriting a dismal situation: after a decade of boom, Ireland's economy is set to grow... More »

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