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Afghan Spies' New Target: Afghan Troops

As attacks from inside mount, Afghans take precautions

(Newser) - Afghanistan's spy agency has a new target: Afghan troops. With attacks on US and Afghan troops by Taliban infiltrators on the rise, the National Directorate of Security is launching an ambitious spying program designed to identify any threats. In addition to the previously reported "special reconnaissance group" that... More »

Afghan Army to Soldiers: Cut Ties to Pakistan, or Quit

Afghan National Security Force desperate to root out infiltrators

(Newser) - Afghan military officials have begun ordering soldiers to move any family they have in Pakistan out of the country, or else leave the military, in a desperate attempt to rid their ranks of Taliban infiltrators. While those orders haven't yet been translated into an official nationwide policy, they represent... More »

Wow, Russia Still Wants to Spy on Us! ... Wait, Why?

Spy game flattering, but pointless

(Newser) - At first, Thomas Friedman was flattered. “Someone still wants to spy on us! Just when we were feeling down and out, the Russians show up and tell us it’s still worth briefcases of money to plant people in our think tanks,” he writes in the New York ... More »

Spy Swap Talks Started Weeks Before Arrests

Agents' kids sent to Russia or planning to go

(Newser) - The 14-person spy swap executed today at an airport in Vienna grew out of talks that started in June—weeks before the Russian spies living in the US were arrested—and the White House knew about the sleeper agents in February, reports the Washington Post . Meanwhile, the Russian agents' kids... More »

US Throws Book at Chinese 'Sleeper' Spy

One of many highly skilled—and patient— agents for Beijing

(Newser) - Chi Mak, a Chinese-born engineer, lived quietly with his wife in the LA suburbs for more than two decades, slowly working his way up the ladder at a US defense contractor. Eventually, he gained a security clearance—and access to plans for Navy ships, submarines and weapons, which he secretly... More »

5 Stories