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Hanging Effigies Rattle Vegas

Some drivers feared they were real people

(Newser) - Two surprise billboards featuring hanging effigies nearly knocked Las Vegans off their game yesterday. Mannequins with nooses around their necks hung from both billboards, each on a major highway; they appeared to be some kind of jobless protest. "Dying for a job," said a hand-painted message on one... More »

Digital Billboards 'Weapons of Mass Distraction': Foes

Industry says they're not 'TV on a stick' but a simple 'slide show'

(Newser) - Digital highway billboards can change their display every few seconds, serving multiple advertisers and even aiding law enforcement in finding fugitives and missing children—which is terribly unsafe, critics argue. The “television on a stick” is dangerously distracting to drivers, they say. “The billboard gets your attention whether... More »

LA Billboards Off the Charts

Times columnist blasts industry's 'well-lawyered hissy-fit' against city count

(Newser) - Billboards are out of control in the City of Angels, Pat Morrison writes in the Los Angeles Times, and an industry with almost no accountability is again fighting city efforts at regulation. Giants Clear Channel and CBS Outdoor are throwing a "well-lawyered hissy-fit" against an effort to make the... More »

3 Stories