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City Bans Negative Comments on Social Media

Tennessee plan is backfiring, of course

(Newser) - City employees in South Pittsburg, Tenn., may not like the city's latest policy, but don't expect to see them carping about it on Facebook. The policy forbids them from saying anything negative about the city on any type of social media, reports the Chattanooga Times Free Press . And... More »

Horseless Detroit Department Employs ... Horseshoer

Job description last revised in 1967

(Newser) - Detroit's Water and Sewerage Department doesn't have any horses—but if it ever gets any, it's totally prepared. The city employs a "horseshoer," whose job it is "to shoe horses and to do general blacksmith work ... and to perform related work as required,"... More »

Colorado Springs Becomes Tea Party Paradise

Cash-strapped government shrinks and shrinks

(Newser) - Just how conservative is Colorado Springs? So conservative that even the Wall Street Journal says it’s “Taking Small Government to the Extreme.” The town is strapped for cash, but voters have rejected a tax increase, urging the government to slash services instead. Letters to the town council... More »

States Fret as Road Salt Grows Scarce, Pricey

Last year's winter depleted reserves

(Newser) - Road salt is stressing state and municipal budgets as shortages drive prices up well past what local governments have paid in the past, USA Today reports. A harsh winter last year left many states with no salt reserves to carry over, meaning they have to fully restock at inflated prices.... More »

Credit Crunch Shuts Down State, City Projects

Projects shelved as municipal bond market dries up

(Newser) - The credit crisis is squeezing the life out of local governments, reports the New York Times. Cities and states have found themselves shut out of bond markets for the last 2 weeks, and big projects, from new hospitals to highway repairs, are being shelved or delayed. Analysts believe the days... More »

Girl's Death Moves Philly Mayor to Tears, Fury

Suspends 7 in uproar over starved teen

(Newser) - Philly mayor Michael Nutter was visibly enraged today as he announced the suspension of seven city social workers who failed to prevent the starving death of a young girl, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. Nutter was responding to a grand jury report that found the negligence of caseworkers abetted Danieal Kelly’... More »

LA Billboards Off the Charts

Times columnist blasts industry's 'well-lawyered hissy-fit' against city count

(Newser) - Billboards are out of control in the City of Angels, Pat Morrison writes in the Los Angeles Times, and an industry with almost no accountability is again fighting city efforts at regulation. Giants Clear Channel and CBS Outdoor are throwing a "well-lawyered hissy-fit" against an effort to make the... More »

7 Stories