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Guy Clocked at 127mph on NH Highway

Police say RI man was moving briskly

(Newser) - New Hampshire State Police say an airborne patrol unit clocked a man driving 127 miles per hour on Interstate 93 in the town of Northfield. The State Police Special Enforcement Unit was using an airplane to monitor traffic yesterday morning when the trooper in the aircraft saw a northbound vehicle... More »

Infamous Speed-Trap Town Investigated Over Tickets

Half of town's budget revenue comes from ticket fines

(Newser) - A small segment of highway that runs through the Florida town of Waldo requires drivers to speed up and slow down six times: 65mph becomes 55mph; 55 becomes 45; then goes back to 55; then back down to 45; to 55 again; and, eventually, 35mph. AAA has named it one... More »

Texas Man Arrested for Warning Drivers About Speed Trap

Ron Martin stood in median of road holding sign

(Newser) - Texas man Ron Martin was arrested last October for warning drivers of an upcoming speed trap. Martin stood in the median of a six-lane road and held a sign that read, "Police ahead." But he said he was just trying to get people to slow down—for safety,... More »

TomTom Sold Data to Cops, Who Set Up Speed Traps

Company promises to improve data sharing rules

(Newser) - GPS maker TomTom is enduring a wave of negative publicity after data it collected on drivers ended up in the hands of Dutch police, who used it to set up speed traps, reports Consumer Reports . The company promises to improve its data-sharing polices and says this kind of thing won'... More »

New Technology Nails Speeders From Space

Civil liberties group slams 'SpeedSpike'

(Newser) - Forget about trying to spot this speed trap: British authorities are testing new technology that uses satellites to catch speeders. The system combines license-plate-reading technology with a GPS system to calculate a vehicle's average speed between two points. The makers of the "SpeedSpike" system say it could reduce the... More »

Italian Going 168mph Gets 4 Tickets in 1 Hour

(Newser) - What's Italian for "leadfoot"? A Milanese man going 168mph was busted on four separate highway cameras in less than hour, ANSA reports. He was driving for his employer, whose lawyers argue that he should be responsible for just one infraction. They said they also plan to cite a... More »

New Cell Service Warns of Speed Traps

Trapster helps motorists avoid tickets

(Newser) - Motorists intent on avoiding tickets can now rely on a mobile phone service designed to warn them about radar traps and red-light cameras, the AP reports. Called Trapster, the service uses wireless Internet or a phone’s GPS capabilities to determine location, and gives users an alert if they are... More »

7 Stories