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Engineer Sues for Right to Call Out Traffic Camera Problems

Mats Järlström was slapped with a $500 fine for criticizing traffic light formulas

(Newser) - After electronics engineer Mats Järlström publicly challenged the mathematical formula used by the traffic cameras in his town of Beaverton, Ore., he was slapped with a $500 ticket for practicing engineering without a license. Now he’s suing the Oregon State Board of Examiners for squashing his First... More »

Man Films Self Tampering With Traffic Cameras

Needless to say, it does not end well for him

(Newser) - A man accused of driving around Long Island and tampering with red-light cameras was arrested after police were tipped off about a YouTube video he made documenting his exploits, the New York Daily News reports. In the video posted yesterday, 42-year-old Stephen Ruth admits to getting ticketed by red-light cameras... More »

In NM, Unpaid Tickets Could Get Your Utilities Shut Off

Las Cruces really wants to collect red-light-camera fines

(Newser) - Thinking about skipping out on your red-light-camera ticket? You might want to reconsider, at least if you're a resident of Las Cruces, New Mexico, where delinquent violators could have their utilities shut off. Officials were apparently desperate to come up with a way to collect unpaid fines, which have... More »

Teen Leads City's Fight on Red-Light Cameras

17-year-old Josh Sutinen running initiative to ban them in Longview, Washington

(Newser) - Josh Sutinen isn't old enough to vote and only got his driver's license last month, but he's already among the leaders in a national backlash against cameras that issue traffic tickets. The 17-year-old has worked for most of this year pushing an initiative to ban red-light and... More »

Red-Light Cameras Save Lives

Survey sees drop in fatalities at intersections with cameras

(Newser) - Red-light cameras make big money for cities, delivering more tickets at lower cost than human officers ever could. But the cameras also apparently save lives: a 5-year study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that intersections with such cameras had about 25% fewer fatalities, the Washington Post reports.... More »

New Cell Service Warns of Speed Traps

Trapster helps motorists avoid tickets

(Newser) - Motorists intent on avoiding tickets can now rely on a mobile phone service designed to warn them about radar traps and red-light cameras, the AP reports. Called Trapster, the service uses wireless Internet or a phone’s GPS capabilities to determine location, and gives users an alert if they are... More »

6 Stories