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Paul Rudd Rules

Meet the underappreciated king of comedy

(Newser) - Paul Rudd, “the MVP of comedy films,” doesn’t get nearly enough props, Paige Newman writes for MSNBC. Seeing Rudd’s latest film, Role Models—“one of the most surprisingly funny movies I’ve seen in a while”—reminded Newman of the actor’s versatility and... More »

How Very! Heathers Writer Returns to Film

Sex and Death 101 , out tomorrow, puts Daniel Waters back in left field

(Newser) - Screenwriter Daniel Waters, who made "What's your damage?" part of American slang, is back. His 1989 cult classic, Heathers, paved the way for edgy teen fare from Clueless to Juno, but subsequent unsuccessful projects led him to obscurity. Sex and Death 101 puts him "squarely back into off-kilter... More »

2 Stories