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What Makes Up New Plastic Bottles? Not Old Ones, It Seems

Only small percentage of plastic from recyclable bottles is used in new ones

(Newser) - That Coke bottle you were proud to throw in the recycling bin so it could be repurposed into another Coke bottle may actually be … part of a carpet sample in Mumbai. It turns out that a very small percentage of the world's plastic beverage bottles are made out... More »

Last Returnable Coke Bottle Rolls Off the Line

End of an era at Minnesota bottler

(Newser) - The last returnable Coke bottles in America rolled off the line at a small bottling plant in Minnesota this week. The plant, which supplies just four counties, had been refilling the returnable bottles since 1932 but it says it no longer makes economic sense to refill the 6.5-ounce glass... More »

Coke Will Drop 'Classic' Tag from Labels

Branding was unveiled after much-panned New Coke experiment

(Newser) - If you’re still haunted by New Coke, fear no more: Coca-Cola plans to drop the “Classic” tag from its branding, ensuring that the original formula faces no more threats from upstart incarnations, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. The “Classic” label, which was introduced in 1985, is “a... More »

New Soda Sizes Aim to Cap Fizzling Sales

Coke, Pepsi try out alternatives to 20-ounce bottle

(Newser) - Coke and Pepsi are testing new bottle sizes in an effort to boost deflating soda sales, reports the Wall Street Journal. Coke pulled 20-ounce bottles of Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke and other drinks from Virginia convenience store shelves this week and re-stocked them with 16-ounce and 24-ounce bottles. Pepsi plans... More »

8 'Plotted to Blow Up' 7 Airliners

Trial of terror cell opens in London

(Newser) - An Islamic terrorist cell plotted a suicide mission to blow up seven transatlantic airliners in midflight, killing more than 1,500 passengers, a prosecutor charged yesterday as a trial began for eight men in London. The explosives were to be hidden in soft drink bottles and set off by detonators... More »

5 Stories