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It's Been 10 Years Since Lonelygirl15 Lied to us All

Lonelygirl15 has posted a new video

(Newser) - Around the time of its 2005 launch, many people "dismissed YouTube as just a repository for cat videos." That was until ostensible confessional blogger Lonelygirl15 came along in 2006 and changed everything. In a lengthy piece for the Guardian , Elena Cresci recounts the story of YouTube's first... More »

10 Stupid Publicity Stunts

Here's looking at you, Speidi

(Newser) - So Heidi Montag’s separation from Spencer Pratt was a publicity stunt…was anyone surprised? Olivia Allin lists nine other similarly lame stunts, on The Frisky :
  1. Jon Gosselin: Turns out he really was lying when he accused ex Hailey Glassman of stealing his TV. How do we know? Because the
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Web Videos May Be Ad Gold Mine

Market expected to explode as media companies retool

(Newser) - TV networks, major news organizations, and independent producers are all scrambling to create Web videos that will let them snag a portion of the ad dollars flowing online. Ad spending on Internet videos will grow to $4.3 billion by 2011, say researchers—a 455% increase over today. "It's... More »

The Very Best of Viral Video

Many have tried, but few have surpassed the popularity of these online mega-hits

(Newser) - Humor, embarrassment, obscenity, and silliness are a recipe for success in the age of YouTube. PC World clicks on the classics of a young medium:
  1. Bush and Kerry Sing "This Land Is Your Land": JibJab puts itself on the map.
  2. The Coke and Mentos Experiments: Geysers of soda set
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4 Stories