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For-Profit Hospital Chain Found Shady Procedures

HCA hospitals uncovered iffy cardiac work in Florida

(Newser) - Doctors performed needless and dangerous cardiac treatments for years at America's biggest for-profit hospital chain in an apparent attempt to bring in more money, the New York Times reports. Prodded by a nurse in 2010, hospital giant HCA uncovered cardiologists who couldn't justify their procedures at Florida hospitals... More »

Bill Could Kill Doc-Owned Hospitals

Feds may see $1.2B in savings if for-profit facilities come under new regulation

(Newser) - A clause in a child-health bill just passed by the House would restrict Medicare payouts for, and the expansion of, doctor-owned hospitals, the specialized-care units blamed for hurting income at nonprofit facilities, the Wall Street Journal reports. There are 200 such facilities nationwide, touted for their efficiency but criticized for... More »

Critics: Nonprofit Hospitals Unhealthily Rich

Tax breaks not paid back in community benefits

(Newser) - Nonprofit hospitals are making more money than for-profit hospitals, and that has many critics wondering why they get such sweet tax breaks, the Wall Street Journal reports. Seventy-seven percent of nonprofits are making money, with at least 25 pulling in more than $250 million a year. Many are spending that... More »

3 Stories