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Gov't: Religious Schools, Hospitals Still Have to Cover Birth Control

Rules for nonprofit, religiously affiliated institutions finalized; for-profit businesses hit back

(Newser) - Religious leaders may not like it , but the Obama administration is going ahead with its plan to require religiously-affiliated nonprofits like schools and hospitals to provide employees with insurance coverage for birth control, the New York Times reports. The Washington Post breaks down the final, slightly convoluted regulations on how... More »

How Hospital Bills Are Killing the US

Trumped-up bills 'drive the federal deficit': Steven Brill of Time

(Newser) - Getting Hodgkin's lymphoma was bad enough. Then Ohio resident Sean Recchi received his hospital bill: $83,900. You can blame his limited health insurance, but Steven Brill at Time looked behind the numbers to see why MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston charged so much. What Brill found: shocking... More »

Bill Could Kill Doc-Owned Hospitals

Feds may see $1.2B in savings if for-profit facilities come under new regulation

(Newser) - A clause in a child-health bill just passed by the House would restrict Medicare payouts for, and the expansion of, doctor-owned hospitals, the specialized-care units blamed for hurting income at nonprofit facilities, the Wall Street Journal reports. There are 200 such facilities nationwide, touted for their efficiency but criticized for... More »

Critics: Nonprofit Hospitals Unhealthily Rich

Tax breaks not paid back in community benefits

(Newser) - Nonprofit hospitals are making more money than for-profit hospitals, and that has many critics wondering why they get such sweet tax breaks, the Wall Street Journal reports. Seventy-seven percent of nonprofits are making money, with at least 25 pulling in more than $250 million a year. Many are spending that... More »

4 Stories