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Amazon Offers Kindle Authors Whopping 70% Royalty

Pressures publishers to accept lower prices

(Newser) - In a bid to boost its ebook business, Amazon is now offering authors and publishers 70% of every sale of a title for the Kindle. The move more than quadruples the standard royalty of 15% or less, to put more in writers' pockets even as the price of their books... More »

Bucking Trend, 2nd Novel Gets $5M Advance

Niffenegger wrote surprise 2003 hit The Time Traveler's Wife

(Newser) - Defying reports that publishers are in the poorhouse, Audrey Niffenegger, author of the huge bestseller, The Time Traveler’s Wife, has received a nearly $5 million advance for a new novel, Her Fearful Symmetry, the New York Times reports. Her agent said the whopping payout from Scribner, a unit of... More »

Book Publisher Takes Stab at New Model

HarperCollins imprint won't allow returns from retailers

(Newser) - HarperCollins has decided to rock the book-publishing boat, the Wall Street Journal reports. It’s launching a new imprint that won’t allow retailers to return unsold books—a potentially risky departure from tradition—and will offer little or no advance payments to authors. The imprint will focus on online... More »

3 Stories