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In Cheap-Chip Market, It's Intel vs. Via

Small Taiwanese company is new competitor for PC giant

(Newser) - As Intel dives into the growing low-cost laptop chip market, it’s battling a new competitor: Taiwan’s Via Technologies, a far smaller company than Intel. Via’s low-power C7 chip had enjoyed its own niche in the market, but that’s changing as Intel rolls out the Atom chip,... More »

Dell Jumps on Cheap Notebook Trend

Caters to emerging low-cost high-mobility market

(Newser) - Cheap, small notebooks look like the next big thing. Dell today announced it was jumping into the burgeoning segment, which doesn’t quite have a name yet—some call them netbooks, others mini-notebooks, still others ultramobile PCs or UMPCs. Dell’s machine will start at $399, and sport a wee... More »

Windows XP Will Live On, But Only in Low-Cost PCs

No luck for frustrated Vista users who prefer the older operating system

(Newser) - Microsoft is going to keep Windows XP on the market—but only for a few users and not for the sake of those unsatisfied with its successor, Vista. The company will stick to its June 30 deadline for withdrawing XP from stores but will supply the older operating system for... More »

3 Stories