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SyFy Name Change Not So Stupid

Ratings up since 'Sci-Fi Channel' name was dropped

(Newser) - The Sci-Fi Channel's bizarre name change to "SyFy" attracted near-universal mockery earlier this year, but it looks like the network's execs are having the last laugh. Ratings are up in double-digits across all key demographics since the name change, boosted by hit new series Warehouse 13 and the continued... More »

Time Warner Enlists Networks for Internet TV Test

'TV Everywhere' to include CBS, HBO, and more

(Newser) - Time Warner has signed up at least a dozen networks for a new Internet TV service, and plans to test the service in select markets soon, the Charlotte Business Journal reports. Onboard are CBS, HBO, Syfy, AMC, and Time Warner’s own TNT and TBS, among others. Time Warner is... More »

Galactica Lands at Frakkin' UN

(Newser) - You might have noticed something odd about the United Nations assembly room last night: Instead of a country, each of the 200-plus delegate seats bore a placard with the name of one of the 12 Colonies of Kobol. That’s right, the Sci-Fi Channel commandeered the frakking UN for a... More »

Sci Fi to Syfy: Worst Rebranding Ever?

Channel's 'cutting-edge' new name ripped to shreds

(Newser) - The Sci Fi channel's decision to change its name to "Syfy" is a blunder of galactic proportions, Linda Holmes reports for NPR. The channel says it wants to show that it's about more than just traditional science fiction, notes Holmes, and has evidently chosen to do so by picking... More »

Battlestar Returns to Raves

Final season starts tonight to delight of critics, fans

(Newser) - "Battlestar Galactica," the sci-fi show that has gained cult status and critical acclaim by dabbling in morality, physics, and evil robots, embarks on its fourth and final season tonight. Alessandra Stanley of the New York Times calls it "one of the more beguiling series on television,"... More »

5 Stories